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Everyone has their own maze, some are simple enough to negotiate, others deep and complex. Some people in our lives find it easy to navigate ours, where others get confused. Those that love us are not necessarily the best at finding their way, but those who enjoy getting lost the most.

This character is a bit of a muse of mine... Sophie. You might recognice her from a few of my pieces; brown hair blue eyes. I feel in love with her again drawing this... those eyes. She's not a fantasy character, doesn't have any magical powers or special abilitys, just a girl, with a life and dreams and problems like anyone. Here she's met someone and sat up all night talking and laughing, now it's getting light its time to sleep, and they curl up next to each other... who knows hat will happen when they wake...

Dedicated to my partner, who's maze I find infinitely fascinating to explore :) :heart:

Peace, love and getting lost,
~Blue x

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Why do I feel that you want to try to communicate something with these paintings? They are very beautiful, but they have something that most do not have. Something that needs to be heard. If .. you feel bad. I say, do not feel. You have people who love you, and who ... maybe try to erase your scars. I've been through that. In fact. I'm still going through.