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Limited Print 'Draw This in Your Style'

Firstly: I will be at Comic Con! I'm on leave from the ward for the weekend! :D

Secondly this is my Limited release print! My 'Draw This is Your Style' painting.
It is available at London Comic Con but ALSO can be ordered online over the dates of the show. 27th-28th of October 2018 and wont be available again!

Order now from:
Or see you at the show!

Thanks everyone! ^_^

Peace, Love and Exclusivity,
Blue x
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This is gorgeous, so cute!!

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sooo........ am i allowed to draw this in my style or do i have to pay??? im confused ._. ur art rly pretty btw
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Hello Blue.
I've been trying to contact you but I don't think you'll see your dms, so I'm trying again here. 
I've recognized your art today in Twitter, edited, and it's become viral. 
Here is the link. It made me really mad but maybe that's just me, I just wanted to notify you. 

Best wishes, 
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Dear destiny blue.

Thank you so much for all of the inspiring art, this helped me so much improving myself. I hope you are feeling okay, and please keep making your lovely art. 

Again thank you
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This is a master piece ♡♡♡
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So beautiful I love her hair and the fishes😍
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Great Job here, its wondefull *-*
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Omigosh! I finally found it! I did this draw it yourself thingy ages ago, but couldn't find it to post it! And I finally found it! Here, if you wanna see... :3 
Mermaid Lady
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Hello Destiny. i am so sorry you are going through so much turmoil. Sending you God's Light and Love 
& Healing <3 <3 <3 

Below is instructions i received from a Twin Flame Healer on how to daily cleanse auric field. i myself am
going to try the procedure below nightly before bedtime to see how i feel as i also live with depression and
emotional pains, sometimes physical pains, too. SVP, If you feel comfortable, you can try the procedure
below to cleanse all negative energies/thoughts/emotions from your energetic body daily and nightly: 

Aura cleansing with ArchAngel Michael

Aura clearing and sealing meditation, best done before retiring to cleanse from daily interactions:

Lie down or sit comfortably, close your eyes watching your breath getting deeper and slower. 
Consciously direct your breath to all body parts, and feel more and more relaxed.

Say silently:

ArchAngel Michael please come to me now. Please cleanse my auric field from all lower energies created 
by me or attracted from outside sources. Please transmute these energies into Love and Light and return 
them to their original sources.

You might use ArchAngel's 'divine vacuum cleaner' (cleansing source) to pay attention to areas of your body
troubling you. See all impurities of pain and emotional discomforts being absorbed away. Feel or See your
auric field getting Lighter and Clearer.

Whence you feel complete, thence you can do following:

Concentrate on your Heart Centre, Seeing it getting Brighter and Brighter in Golden-White Light, changing
to the Brilliance it is, expanding throughout your body and beyond, as far as you choose to increase it.

Feel it as an immense globe, You being the Centre, Surrounded by Radiance. This is your field: no one has
the right to enter without your permission.

Frost the 'edges' of the Grand Globe and Say the following:





Repeat above 4 phrases 3 times

First focus: on your root chakra

Second focus: on your heart chakra

Third focus: on your crown chakra 

Then cross your hands over your heart and feel the peace and gratitude

The Aura sealing can be done any time when needed.


God Bless, Protect, Heal and Show You The Way <3 <3 <3 i Know You Will Shine Destiny. It is not easy,
but You can do it! I Know you will be fine. You are Wonderful and need lots of rest and encouragement 
from yourself. God Profoundly Loves You, Countless people Love You, You Love You Too <3 <3 <3 
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I can't wait to make something inspired by this! It will probably be made out of clay. The fish in her hair are so cute Love 
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Hi Beautiful Lady and Artist. God Bless you Always in AllWays <3 The following is a song about God and how God's/Creator's Kindness never fails, it is a pleasant acoustic and soft voiced older gentleman who sings it. me hopes you like it Sweet Destiny:…
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Hi Beautiful Destiny. God Bless You. here is a beautiful webcast that you may like, about power of forgiveness and how it helps us move on:…

i was/am a Targeted Individual and went thru hellish EMF and noise and psychological and telecommunications (my mobile phone showed 'no server' and yet it worked!!! my Shaw cable phone was acting bizarre! Psychological manipulation and distress of me by moving things around in my suite when i was out, putting drugs in my juices so i felt ill (nausea, headaches and vomiting feelings), or turning on or off lights i remembered i had turned off or on, respectively. it almost drove me to suicide but my lovely sister (Angel) once a few months ago came to live for 5 days at my place and saw that the noises from upstairs were real and that my mobile and shaw phones were acting strangely!! When she took over and renewed my phone Rogers account and got me a new sim card for the phone, all has gone back to normal, more or less for over 5 months now. Whew! i am on neuroleptic, yet still hear the noises upstairs still (one tap for "yes", two taps for "no") but it does't bother me now. Knowing the (e)vil (vile) around us makes them less intimidating. it is like God has made me resilient to their vile ways so i have no more fear, which is their greatest tactic. i don;t hear the humming EMF noise machines anymore either and the sounds above my suite are now little, thanks to my sister launching formal complaint to manager about the loud constant noises of dropping, scratching, and humming machine-produced noises.  i prayed and God Blessed my enemies/dark forces and forgave them regularly while i was being targeted and harassed (under the radar of law enforcement agencies, so i look crazy to my family and friends and strangers whom i told about my predicament), and as well prayed to God to Show me The Way and Protect me; and i cried endless tears to God to ask God to Please Help Me. It took 9 months of prayers and severe distress and sleeplessness for God to come thru, yet when my sister decided to see if i was lying or not about the noises upstairs about end of May of this year, things started to get better for me. in July 6th of this year, i was taken to psychiatric ward because i thought my sister was a copy (a stranger), and after 8 weeks at the mental health clinic, i was released with Fluanxol (R) IM shot, and a getting it once every 2 weeks at a dose of 15mg Fluanxol decanoate Intramuscular Depot Injection into my shoulder (left or right, alternating every 2 weeks). SVP Keep Praying to God to Help You. i feel well-rested, better mind-control, better sleep cycle, and feel grounded and more at peace than a very long time. God Bless, Protect, Heal and Show You The Way Sweet Destiny, You Will Be Fine And Shine, The BrightStar You Are :)  

Also, there are countless testimonials of God's Help and people discovering thru their darkest times of pain and suffering, God can be called upon to help; here is just one example of hundreds or thousands of testimonials of God's All-Loving, All-Protection, All-Solving, and All-Healing Power. i Pray this and other testimonials on youtube Inspire you :)…

God Loves you, beautiful song and Truth:…

testimonials you may like to see, emotional and inspirational:……
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gorgeous! I love the lighting
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very pretty ^.^
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Beautiful work!
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have a great time in the comic com!
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