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Inner Glow

There is a wold, inside yourself, if you stop to look. Nurture and attend to your inner light, and it will grow to a sun, to warm and light your very own universe.

With so much going on outside, it can be really easy to miss the world within ourselves. Whens the last time you paused to listen to what was going on within you? To your own breath and body? All these beautiful sensations we often don't make time for, with so many pressures on us in everyday life, in this busy world, stopping and giving ourselves love and compassion can sometimes seem like a selfish act. It isn't. It's often essential.
I used to think meditation was about taking you some place else in your head, but most of it starts from noticing the sensations in your body, like breathing, and exploring what your experience is moment by moment.

Since coming out of psychiatric hospital, I've incorporated meditation and mindfulness into my everyday life. It does take a lot of effort, practice and work, but it's helped with many aspects of my difficulties, and I'm enjoying the presence and peace it helps bring. My psychiatrist recommended Mark Williams book: Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World, and I, in turn, am recommending it on.

A Happier drawing, for happier days :)

Peace, Love and Presence,
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Wow no words to

This is absolutely beautiful. Do you commission your work? I would love to get a custom version of this. ;P

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Hi, this is my 3 out of 3 videos where I used your art !!! In fact - I am very grateful to you, because your work is amazing !!! Thank you very much!!

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i saw a youtuber use this beautiful art, i can't believe in my eyes ur art is amazing beautifuly

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Found you through a youtube music vid. With this pic. Grade A stuff! Amazing!

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Great job.

Inkstandy's avatar… He is not giving you credits, please report :)
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Those wings tho <3
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I love this one!
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This one is on DSG's channel ^^
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Wow I'm so glad I found you over this persons track ->…

Your art is absolutly breath-taking! I don't even have words for this beauty <3
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Wonderful, colorful wings and message about mindfulness.
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i just used this art in one of my journal skins on DA. I hope you don't mind. I did it because I love your arts especially this one and wanted it there. don't worry I fully credited you there for the art. 

link for where it is.
ah its almost spring
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Your gallery has left me speechless. I haven't had such an emotional response to a piece of digital art ever; I'm chief curator so I spend countless hours studying every piece of art in my charge, and many have moved me to tears. Many years ago I inherited a Picasso and a Van Gough that are on loan to other museums at the moment, and I've been kinda bummed, as I feel supernaturally connected to not just the the paintings but the artists who poured their soul and sanity into masterpieces that they live through to this day. This is so Picasso is from his Blue Period, and I'm officially in my own Blue Period at the moment...I would love to cover my walls with your work. Bloody brilliant.
This is what I needed today. <3
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The colors! So beautiful!
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hi, I was wondering if I could use your art as a title page for my gaming/trance music mix video on youtube. I will give full credit to you in the description and ask all viewers to support you.

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