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In 2014 Blue Drew...

My 2014 in art! :heart:

2014 was a good, but tough year for me. I achieved a lot, but it was hard won. Work wise I am really proud I managed to make a living from my art, I traveled round the world, exhibited at conventions, met interesting people, and continued to draw from my heart.

However mental health issues have made it a rough ride.
I've battled some dark things, and done well just to function basically on some days, let alone be productive.
Mental illness has stolen some of this year from me. It's the reason I've been quiet online, the reason there has been less art from me, the reason I haven't replied to messages. I'm really sorry for that, and I hope you understand. I've now got much better at recognising and managing it, so I'm very hopeful for 2015, where I have some exciting things I want to achieve, but I have to look after myself first and foremost.
I'd like to open up and talk more about these things, as I know a lot of other people struggle with similar issues. It's finding the right words... (which is why I draw, hah XD)
But it's also why your support means so much to me. Why your comments make me smile and touch my heart so deeply. While it's hard, it makes me appreciate the good things in this world, and the blessings I have, and it makes me feel connected and empathetic to all the other people just struggling to be human.

It's tradition to do a little game with my yearbook soooo.....
It's all random act of kindness you can do to make someone else smile this year :D Choose your birth month:

:bulletblue:January - Bake cookies and share them with your friends. Your 2014 artwork: Don't watch me draw...
:bulletblue:February - Critique a piece of art. Your 2014 artwork: Not Alone
:bulletblue:March - Find a strangers Amazon wishlist and get them something off of it. Your 2014 artwork: WARPAINT
:bulletblue:April - Text your best friend to tell them how awesome they are right now. Your 2014 artwork: TOXIC
:bulletblue:May -  Cook for family sometime this week. Your 2014 artwork: Out of the Woods
:bulletblue:June - Donate your unwanted possessions to a charity shop. Your 2014 artwork: Smokey Eyes
:bulletblue:July - Email an old teacher/ mentor who made a difference in your life. Your 2014 artwork: As yet unreleased
:bulletblue:August - Find someone on reddit and draw them . Your 2014 artwork: Never Seen Stars
:bulletblue:September - Leave money in a vending machine. Your 2014 artwork: Paper Heart -WIP (Still WIP)
:bulletblue:October - Give a compliment everyday this week. Your 2014 artwork: Grow Again
:bulletblue:November - Write someone a real letter and send it. Your 2014 artwork: Fire Underwater
:bulletblue:December - Write an appreciation message to an artist you admire (I'm excluded in this XD) Your 2014 artwork: Will be released in Jan

For everyone: when you hear the negative, self doubting voices in your head - Don't listen to them. You are just as deserving of your kindness as everyone else :hug:

I know not everyone will be able to do their assigned month, so you can choose another if your month doesn't suit you :)

Peace, love and random acts of kindness for you all,
~Blue x:heart:x

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~Most popular piece 2014~
Not Alone by DestinyBlueWARPAINT by DestinyBlueGrow Again by DestinyBlueNever Seen Stars by DestinyBlueOut of the Woods by DestinyBlueTOXIC by DestinyBlue
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This art is unspeakably perfect and beautiful. I feel like you explained my life in detail by explaining yours through your work. You are inspiring to the core. Thank you.
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I don't know why but March reminds me of Demi lovato and Cara delviginne
The drawing itself is so pretty and beautiful and amazing snd Cara and Demi are very bold
owllover132's avatar
January is true. I feel self conscious when people watch me draw. One reason I haven't set up a livestream yet. (Another is my computers are old, and I don't think I should set one up yet)
Katipie777's avatar
I love your art!
Animation2Cute's avatar
August <333 omg so gorgerous
purplemomopeach's avatar
January is my favorite
JenniferEvil12's avatar
I will never know how to draw like that ...
Coco853's avatar
March, November, December <3
TheAmazingIvyRose's avatar
January and November are my favorite
x-Twilight-Phantom-x's avatar
My favourite are June's and August's
broqentoys's avatar
im june but i dont  have unwanted possesions D:
deedoss's avatar
I love the blue one!!:) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
TheMorbidThinker's avatar
You gave me the wrong print at Comiccon and like a moron I didn't look at it till I got home :( I really wanted to warpaint one and I got the one with the glowing eyes... 
LighterCross's avatar
I love the ones for January and August!
batw1ng's avatar
The one for May is gorgeous :)
Violeta-Adopts's avatar
SoundWaveandLuna's avatar
Odd, my birthday is in April and my favorite picture up there is for April! I love the mysterious-y feel to it, and I'm usually one to love big, flashy eyes shining in darkness. Good job on all of them!
Cherryblossoms99's avatar
Hey! :D I just wanted to continue to express my joy over your art. It always has a deeper meaning and it makes me really interesting and more intriguing. Some of your work is just spot on and beautiful. 
So thank you and fight on! You're awesome! ^w^ <3
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Thanks so much! It makes me really happy to receive comments like this :hug:
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I really like your art for its ability to speak. I admire how you can express your feelings and thoughts by drawing. It is amazing how many people you have touched with your art.
I strive to not be the best, but to be able to express my feelings through art like you. :hug:
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