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People leave marks on us. This is Paige; a long time ago she opened her heart and gave it to someone... Open my Heart to You by DestinyBlue   but unfortunately it was rejected  Sew Closed my Soul by DestinyBlue, time helped repair the damage... Abandoned by DestinyBlue and slowly it got better. Now she is older and wiser. But the first person she loved still leaves a mark on her. An imprint, she will never be naive again, but she will be wiser and stronger. She won't forget, but she can now let it go, she'll forever have it imprinted into who she is. 

There will be many people who leave imprints on Paige, just like the important people in our lives leave imprints on us, our families, teachers, friends, lovers, even strangers... I have met many people who have left their mark on me, some I didn't even know their name...

If there's one thing we know about Paige now, its that her insides glow! :P

Peace, love and your handprints all over me! :heart::heart:
~Blue x
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Hi, it's me again . This is my second work, which, perhaps, would not have turned out without your wonderful art !!!! Thank you very much !

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R u serious... you are so good

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That looks really amazing. Are you on fiverr? I would like to buy art like this.

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The glow on the back is amazing!:D
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She is too pure
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These are all so beautiful! I love it!
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Absolutely stunning artwork!
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What a nice story, true indeed. Hypnotic hues, well done on the glowing hand print.
…and some of those imprints change us forever. Beautiful, sexy, and not overdone. Thanks.
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This is my all time favorite of yours. <3
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This is some of the most beautiful lighting I have ever seen. It is so kind and gentle to me when I take it in, if that makes any sense :P :+)
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So i tryed to recreate one of my fav arts (since u're my fav artist)
I did my best ;-; 
My Recreation
Imprint - Recreation by MomoiWorld
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I have no words to convey how awed I am ;-; You are inspirational 
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