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Hot coffee. Cold day. Mittens on. Can't feel the cold. Can't feel the heat. Sip a little too early. Burnt tongue. Dammit.

I watched a girl do exactly this at a train station, it was so cute, she was geared up against the cold, but because of her mittens she couldn't feel how hot her coffee was, took a sip, made this adorable little 'ouch' face, then just stared at the coffee cup as it if was a lover who just told her it needed a 'break', and chewed her scarf. It was adorable, I'm sorry I stared at you XD 
I doodled her then and there (always travel with a sketchbook guys) I didn't expect it to turn into a proper painting, but when I added colour I liked where it was going. It's still a bit rough round the edges, but then maybe it takes after it's creator like that ;) heh

Well she had to be patient in the end, because the train was late XD

The real take home is not about letting you coffee cool before you drink it; but that if you do anything cute in front of me I will draw you! :heart: :heart:

Peace, love and letting your hot drinks cool down a bit,

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This is so nice! Good work! T

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Aww I love this!! The color scheme is amazing, as well as the background. This probably has to be one of my favorite pieces I've seen in a while. The little backstory behind this is also adorable,, omfg

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Duuuude this is awesome! I LOVE the colors, and I love how it brings out the mood of this character. I think your linework is gorgeous, and I think your paint strokes really bring out the feel of the different textures. Loving it!!!
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I love this. Just discovering your art after I found one of your card in my desk pile of paperwork (I should really tidy this up), picked it at a tattoo convention a couple of years ago. Dug it out as I was looking at ideas for some stories my Mom is writing for her grand daughter. Although this particular style wouldn't fit the mood of those stories, I am really enjoying your work and the stories that goes with them. This one really touched me somehow. Funny how the brain work.
Keep it coming! you are making a lot of us smile and warm inside. Thank you.
This is so lovely, I aspire to learn to color like this. The vibrant warmth really envelops you. Congrats on the effectiveness of this painting, DestinyBlue, it made me feel happy.
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Love this so much! I bought this painting from you at Supanova and then it completely dissapeared! I was so sad. :( 
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This is amaziiiiiiiiing!
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That is cute and thank you for sharing the story behind the painting.  It's great hearing these as they give more life to these art works.
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I feel the coldness. I love it.
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Proof that inspiration can be found anywhere anytime
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love the story of how this came to be. Inspiration can be found anywhere
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make tears come to my eyes Waaaah! 
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AAAA! I've always loved this piece! :D Especially those pretty colors! :) It's so cool to make art out of those tiny little moments in the everyday! :love: :clap:
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Ugh that internal struggle...I do the same when I get my chai latte. It smells so good and I want to take the biggest gulp lol
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So awesome! Great job! I love the colors! I am a dummy! 
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Always cold huh
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Oh my gosh oh my gosh, I do that, someone was wearing cute pokeball headphones the other day and I had to doodle them ;)
This is so sweet, I can totally relate, and she sounds adorable <3
You've done this so well, you're amazing xx
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beautiful art, do you or could you put this is print?
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This thing is way too cute! I've seen it before I had an account, and I actually did just remember this... so I'm adding it here to my faves! It is seriously just too cute for its own good. Yeah, I get that's happened to me a lot, too... Add to the fave!
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