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Hot coffee. Cold day. Mittens on. Can't feel the cold. Can't feel the heat. Sip a little too early. Burnt tongue. Dammit.

I watched a girl do exactly this at a train station, it was so cute, she was geared up against the cold, but because of her mittens she couldn't feel how hot her coffee was, took a sip, made this adorable little 'ouch' face, then just stared at the coffee cup as it if was a lover who just told her it needed a 'break', and chewed her scarf. It was adorable, I'm sorry I stared at you XD 
I doodled her then and there (always travel with a sketchbook guys) I didn't expect it to turn into a proper painting, but when I added colour I liked where it was going. It's still a bit rough round the edges, but then maybe it takes after it's creator like that ;) heh

Well she had to be patient in the end, because the train was late XD

The real take home is not about letting you coffee cool before you drink it; but that if you do anything cute in front of me I will draw you! :heart: :heart:

Peace, love and letting your hot drinks cool down a bit,

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I'd love to hear more about how you created this ❤️ ♥️ 💜.