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If tears left scars...
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Published: April 23, 2012
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It would be hard to hide behind a smile...

Most of time time no one sees you cry, you can wipe the tears away and carry on like you're fine. Just wondered what it would be like if tears left physical scars on you. Awful I suppose, as then everyone would know... but perhaps then you might get the support you needed. What would you do if you saw this girl...?
I imagine sad tear scars would fade over time, and happy tears would restore the skin like new :)

Yep, another piece of mine about what we show and what we hide. Things are much better for me now thanks, although what I've gone through has given me new perspectives I'm keen to get out of me and into my art. Hope this one isn't to dark or sad a drawing, just a concept I wanted to express :) Explored a bit more shading with an anime style face, similar to my Last Piece by DestinyBlue piece; was very fun to colour, think I probably need to push shadows deeper and loosen up without being scruffy XD

Peace, love and inner strength,
~Blue x

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Dawnzeenza|Hobbyist General Artist
I'd probably run and hug this girl trying to comfort her and help her feel better. If tears really did leave scars my face would be damaged beyond repair. I cry very easily when I'm upset, and as I was severely bullied in school to the point I had fellow students threatening to shoot me, run me over in the parking lot, and even follow me home and run me over in my driveway I cried a lot when I was alone, and the tears still haven't stopped. I still sometimes cry for myself, but mostly I cry because I'm lost and don't know what to do when I suddenly have a new weight to carry. I try to smile and be strong, but more often than not when I'm alone in my room, I curl up in a corner and cry until I can't cry anymore. I know how it is to feel lost and broken like there's no one there, so when I find someone else who is hurting, I try to be a light in the dark or a lifeline for them. most shut me out, and I don't blame them, growing up I often shut others out and pretended nothing was wrong, but for those who let me in, I would go to the ends of the Earth and back if I had to just to help ease the pain they feel.
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MindOfTheLion's avatar
MindOfTheLion|Hobbyist General Artist
I have a friend who uses the alias Acid Tears... I think I'll send this to him.
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GoodfellaZeta's avatar
Id make even more scars just thinking about the ones i already had.
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LeiLynx|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow that looks amazing! I love how much detail that you put into an eye. Your so talented it’s amazing!
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pondonsie|Hobbyist General Artist
my face would be.....
ridiculously scared XD
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FuntimeFreddystory's avatar
FuntimeFreddystory|Hobbyist Filmographer
If tears left scars, I would be hideous, well at least more then I already am.
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TheIntrovertedGhost's avatar
TheIntrovertedGhost|Hobbyist General Artist
I wouldn't look too good...
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pusheenqueen's avatar
pusheenqueen|Hobbyist General Artist
If tears left scars I would look terrifying
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EmoChic0714|Student General Artist
I don't think I would look very..human
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CoolTies|Professional Artist

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Family-Ism|Professional General Artist
your art speaks to me never stop. 
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DarkRBX|Student Artist
The detail on the eyes and the scars are amazing.
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GalaxyvortexDA|Hobbyist General Artist
Woah this is amazing!!! Am I allowed to make a remake of this? I'll credit you!!! 
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Amazing work!
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TheRainbowsEcho|Hobbyist General Artist
I don't cry. I just echo a heartbeat, and try to hold my breath and slip into blissful unconsciousness.
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katnissluv|Hobbyist Artist
oh my god. this is me every day. im the one girl no one sees.
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AndreeaLupsaNL|Student Digital Artist
Wow.... :|
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macchiagodena's avatar
These drawings really mean a lot to me. Thier getting the right things into my head
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Kazwako's avatar
oh, how my heart aches when I look at her
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AnonymousEgg|Student General Artist
My face would look like Freddy Krueger's if tears left scars.Glee Emote 

I'm sad:exhausted: 
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MistyandCo|Hobbyist General Artist
Is t bad that I relate to almost every single one of her art. x3
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Ihaveapassion's avatar
this is one of my top favorite artpieces in DA so I made a little tribute to it! Tell me what you think!…
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