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This. This. This and This again.

Story of my life at the moment. Not because I don't want to talk, because I can't. Unfortunately some things you have to go through alone. My piece Paint your Wings by DestinyBlue was also inspired by my situation, though things have got tougher recently. I am very lucky to have some very close friends I confide in though :) I appreciate and am so thankful for them. Sorry I can't share more online...

Its such at odds with my personality. I'm an eternal optimist. Anyone who knows me or has met me at a convention knows I love to laugh and it takes a lot to get me down, unfortunately this is. Well, its inspiration at least :)

One day I'll be able to tell everyone everything's not fine, but for now,

I'm fine.

Edit: Wow, never thought this would capture peoples imaginations like it did, it's almost a meme XD
Yes, I am the original artist, and no, I didn't copy anything else. I know there's loads like this around now but there certainly wasn't when I drew this in 2011! :) (Though I'm sure I'm not the only person to have come up with an idea like this XD)
I love that so many people have been inspired by this :heart:
If you use this as inspiration I'd love if you credited, that way I can put you in my special favorite folder:…

On a personal note: The situation which is represented is (very thankfully) over. It was a really rough period of my life, which unfortunately triggered some mental health troubles, but the situation itself is as resolved as it'll ever be. I can stand today and know that I am a stronger and more compassionate person because of it.

Peace, love and post-it notes,
~Blue x

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I think we are the same