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I'm fine

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This. This. This and This again.

Story of my life at the moment. Not because I don't want to talk, because I can't. Unfortunately some things you have to go through alone. My piece Paint your Wings by DestinyBlue was also inspired by my situation, though things have got tougher recently. I am very lucky to have some very close friends I confide in though :) I appreciate and am so thankful for them. Sorry I can't share more online...

Its such at odds with my personality. I'm an eternal optimist. Anyone who knows me or has met me at a convention knows I love to laugh and it takes a lot to get me down, unfortunately this is. Well, its inspiration at least :)

One day I'll be able to tell everyone everything's not fine, but for now,

I'm fine.

Edit: Wow, never thought this would capture peoples imaginations like it did, it's almost a meme XD
Yes, I am the original artist, and no, I didn't copy anything else. I know there's loads like this around now but there certainly wasn't when I drew this in 2011! :) (Though I'm sure I'm not the only person to have come up with an idea like this XD)
I love that so many people have been inspired by this :heart:
If you use this as inspiration I'd love if you credited, that way I can put you in my special favorite folder:…

On a personal note: The situation which is represented is (very thankfully) over. It was a really rough period of my life, which unfortunately triggered some mental health troubles, but the situation itself is as resolved as it'll ever be. I can stand today and know that I am a stronger and more compassionate person because of it.

Peace, love and post-it notes,
~Blue x

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I can relate to this picture. I'm guilty of covering up my true feelings because I feel everyone will be ashamed of who I am. It's not fun.

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AwakenedFaith182Hobbyist General Artist

Very cute and nice. Well done.

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This makes you stop and realize that even though we try to cover up our pain and insecurities, deep down we all need help in some shape or form. Weather it's someone saying hello or that person pulling you away from the edge we all need someone to support us and believe in us.

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Wish the deviantart shop would allow prints on an N95 mask


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Clare-GundersenHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is how I feel so much...I'm so sorry you have to go through a similar struggle.
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JamieAgathaRoseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Someone attributed this image to me a while ago.

They were pretty much right.
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How I feel most of the time
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JAFNOVAHobbyist Writer
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Me some times.
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StarEhBoyGalaxyHobbyist General Artist
That's me when I'm ignored...
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ThePinkSeaPrincessHobbyist Artist
Me in a nutshell.
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FoxcraftIsla12Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing!!!
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well im glad your oky.
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This is cute <3 great work
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danishtreatsStudent Digital Artist
i'm already tracer
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hello fine.
my name is (you don't need to remember) guanglai kangyi, age 15.
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KuroNekoKeefProfessional Artist
So powerful !
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TheSnackerCatKidHobbyist General Artist
No you're not. Stay here while I get you a batch of cookies and a therapist.
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MrBenDoodleHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, good to know you’re fine.
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ZaneRowdyruffHobbyist Digital Artist
Me irl
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This how i feel
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You were very brave to post this. Nowadays, expressing your feelings in this way is considered emo and edgy. 

"If your struggling, talk to someone! Express your feelings!" It's a lie. But I like that you went out and did it anyway. It really is a beautiful piece. 
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MrBenDoodleHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, glad to know you’re fine
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