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Working out how to understand and love yourself can be the most tricky of things. Like trying to solve a rubik's cube when you're colour blind.

Sophie is colour blind, and is trying to figure out how to solve her cube, for her, her own identity feels like a cube with not enough sides... :heart:

Wanted to be quite simple with colours on this, not so happy with her eyes, but I enjoyed using all that blue! :D

Thanks for all your support recently everyone :hug:

~I'm heading back over to Australia in a few days to exhibit at Sydney and Perth Supanovas, so have lots of preparing to do! XD

Peace, love and complications,
~Blue x

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I actually wrote a poem to this picture!! Hope you enjoy ❤️

Some of us seem to have it all figured out..

While others struggle

just trying to figure themselves out.

Human beings are such complicated creatures,

yet so gullible and stereotypical.

Patterns, trends, social standards.

To us, they all look a bit different,

but they push us all the same.

Separating us,

influencing us to move not forward,

but to stand idle,

pointing fingers

intead of taking the blame

for our selfish nature.

Feeding the ego

while we let our souls starve.

Appeasing the masses

while tearing yourself apart

little by little.

Is it worth everyone else's happiness

if there is no more of you

for them to love..?

To hold?

I honestly don't know at this point.. 💔