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Hospital Outfit of the Day!


Hospital OOTD! Trying to keep myself amused on the ward 😆 These gowns are awful! 🤣🤣 

In this photo I'm tanked up on morphine and haven't eaten in 24 hours. 

What happened:

I'm winding down for the evening when I start to get this uncomfortable feeling as if I've eaten way too much, over the course of a few hours the feelings turns into a knife twisting into my lower right abdomen. I definitely haven't eaten a knife, so at 2am I take my myself to my local Accident and Emergency department.

It's busy, and with only 1 assessment doctor working it takes a long time to be seen. Curled up on a corridor floor for 3 hours,  until eventually, intravenous painkillers are offered, and I'm put on a drip. Turns out morphine works well.

12 long hours in A&E before I'm put on a ward to await an ultrasound scan. 

Long story short, I'm told I'm imminently about to get an ultrasound for 2 days. It means I can't eat anything for long periods. Because it's the weekend the NHS are ridiculously stretched. Because my pain has lessened they don't think it's appendicitis (thank goodness) but it means I'm lower priority.

Day 3 I have an ultrasound, and it's not a pretty picture. My right ovary has a ruptured cyst inside, which they think was bleeding. There are also 2 other large cysts, one made of blood(!) which might have been twisting my ovary and cutting off blood supply. There are lots of little cysts in there too. Luckily things look stable now, and my body should be able to heals itself. While it's not great news, I'm relieved to find the reason for the pain. They don't think the cysts are cancerous. I'll have more scans to check if the cysts are growing or shrinking, and they are testing me for polycystic ovarian syndrome, and doing more blood tests too.

I'm very thankful for the doctors and nurses who looked after me. It makes me sad to see the conditions they have to work in... I'm also sad for the many patients who are not getting the care they need with everything and everyone stretched too far. I'm used to seeing how bad things are in mental health, but to see it in physical health wards was upsetting. I love the NHS and hugely believe in the principle of free at access healthcare, but the way things are at the moment is not good enough.

I'm doing well in myself, and still have some pain but much less, my mental healths been pretty good considering, I find physical pain much more easy to deal with, I think because I've developed fortitude though my journey. I'm resting up the the moment, but will be past this soon 😊

You can view my live updates on my instagram stories, if you want to see my crying in a waiting room 😂 Thanks for all your support through this unexpected incident 💙

Peace, Love, and Painkillers,
Blue x

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I'm sure there are some within the NHS who are happy that some are scared of it, enough to stay away. That lessens the load on a service that is decaying faster than those in the mortuary.

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I try stay away from hospitals, heard they are more like dungeons than places of healing!

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I just got out of treatment for anxiety panic attack disorder.
I recognize the socks
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look out, there's a mirror behind you.
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That's one of the worst things I can imagine. :(
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Me too! But I just go to the clinic once a day, except saturday and sunday.
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I have mental illness, but I don't have a diagnosis. Maybe it is a light form of a bipolar disorder maybe it is something another.
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Stay healthy!😇
I hope all is well w/you pretty lady. Best of wishes. *muah
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So sorry I missed this. I hope you're doing much better now! <3
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You seem to be an amazing person. You fight so hard to stand up and things just keep trying to knock you down, and you just get up over and over. I know getting up doesn't come cheap, or without effort. I love your art, every single picture seems to resonate with me. You're an inspiration Blue. I hope life will treat you better soon <3
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Its devastating to know you have to go through this, but just keep pushing through and everything will get better!
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Get well soon. BTW, do you have any plans to revisit the girl in your "Toxic" art? I'd like to see more of her!!!!
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This is adorable! :aww:
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Worn so elegantly. :heart:
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Get well soon! I hope you'll feel better quickly Hug 
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Hope you feel better soon
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Get well soon! I'm praying for you and everyone else there who are not in ideal conditions
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Hope everything's okay now
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Hope you get better soon!
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