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It hurts, but it's worth it.


Things have been... better.
It's a little like saying I'm not on fire anymore just covered in fire ants, but it's still better.
I've been feeling less suicidal, and, in general, been more stable. I went through another intensive treatment of TMS, which helped, especially initially, but flattened off sooner than hoped. Like many of us with mental health issues, the pandemics hit me pretty hard. One thing that's guaranteed to get me smiling is people. I love being around people, chatting, laughing, sharing, hugging. I miss my friends and community so much. I'm devastated conventions haven't been able to run, I miss so many of you. It's also means I haven't had any income either, I'm living back with my Dad now.
I’m slogging on, as I always do. I’ve survived the worst of it and am stronger for it. Things are still up and down, especially with seasonal depression on top of covid depression on top of good ‘ol regular depression, But while my mental health has made a relatively small improvement, it's made a huge difference to my life, most importantly it means I'm safe, but it also means I'm functioning on basic tasks much better now, keeping up hygiene and food and exercise and such.
AND I'm currently doing good enough to open my webshop! ~~You can find this as a Limited Edition Gold Foil Print, AND a full colour open edition print of this artwork, plus beautiful prints of all my other creations.
Use code "2020SUCKS" for 20% off for the next 48 hours!

I loved drawing this one so much, I hope you like it too ^_^

And thanks, for keeping me in your thoughts and hearts. I haven’t given up on myself and so happy you haven't given up on me either.

Peace, Love and Shiny Things,
Blue x
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I hope you're still doing well! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your artwork and hearing what you have to say!

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I Just want to say again that I enjoy your artwork ever since I discovered a few days, you are a one of a kind artist and person never forget it.

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May you be kissed by the sun and blessed by the moon.

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So glad to learn you're doing better, even if it's only a small-ish improvement! :hug:

Sometimes, it's a challenge simply to avoid going backwards. Other times, we improve by "baby steps." Any movement in a positive direction is always good, even if / when it's frustratingly slow. I hope, for your sake, that the number of those "fire ants" will decrease steadily, even if it only happens slowly. ^^;

Hang in there! Many people care about you, even if we never get an opportunity to meet "in person."

Your art is inspiring, and the warmth and vulnerability shared is moving. Please, continue as you are able. You and your art are both greatly appreciated, even by people who cannot afford to support you financially.

As a disabled shut-in, I completely understand about missing contact with others. I've lived in "quarantine" for more than a decade. I know how difficulties can feel magnified, when one is alone or nearly alone. I hope you can find healthy methods to cope with that particular side-effect of fewer people directly in your life.

I also hope that you and others, who are physically healthy, will not be trapped at home much longer. No pandemic lasts forever. Soon, everyone will either develop immunity or else the disease will die out because quarantine finally worked. It's temporary - this, too, will pass.

I hope you can find opportunities to enjoy something that appears outside of your windows. Maybe it will be the silver of raindrops, musically tapping against your window. Maybe it will be fantastical shapes of clouds, in sunrise or sunset splendor. Maybe it will be a fragrance on the wind.

One day, I saw a rainbow in the dewdrops on blades of grass. I wondered how often that happens, though we don't see it because we don't think to look. I hope that you can find such beauties, and that when you find them they will lift your soul.

Best wishes, always. :nod:

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I know my comments is a little belated, but always nice to see more from you and hear how you're doing. Good to hear that you're hanging in here and as minimal gains as they may be, gains are good! Take care Blue! And f-2020! XD

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Welcome back Blue so glad to hear from you beautiful drawing as always. I'm very happy to know you're doing better. Been wondering how you were and now I know.
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Glad to see you back, despise everything that is happening :heart: it's good to see you are doing better even if things have been rough :flowerpot:

I’m glad you’re doing better!

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Nice to see and, above all, to hear or read that your health is better again.

Especially in such "radical times" as this, it is something VERY important these days. What should (actually) come first for every person.

Best regards,

Your Mascerade :)

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Even though we don't know you, be assured that we care very much for you and are rooting for you every step of the way. Take care~!

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Wow... That's deep, but it's meaningful and very understanding. I know exactly how you feel, @DestinyBlue. As a matter of fact, I'm experiencing the same thing myself since eight days ago, minus being suicidal. It's more of a realization that gave me so much pain in my heart :tears:. I even made a vent art to let it all out, hopefully. But I'm recovering right now as we speak. I'm not giving up on my hopes and dreams thanks to my optimism. So I'm sure you won't give up either no matter how hard life gets. :)

By the way, the art you made in the past was incredible, especially a couple of art I saw when I first came to DA which is how I first knew your art. Oh. And this one is amazing with how you interpreted your growing pain. You've got some amazing skill and artistic talent! Keep up the good work with what you do here! :clap: :aww:

Kinda weird. mental health was getting a better resurgence late last year. This pandemic may have sped it up a bit

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Been thinking about you lately, glad to hear from you again.

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we are right here with you all the way

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I'll be praying for you♡

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I'm glad you're doing better!

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Glad to hear of the improvements!

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Your art always get me, means so much see it again <3

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