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Grow Again

By DestinyBlue
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Cut down from her stand, the tree weeps for her old life, unknowingly, her tears water a flower which blooms to a glow, and the tree knows she too, will grow again in time.

I found an old diary of mine with a little sketch like this drawing and the words "let your tears be the rain which waters your soul" I didn't even remember drawing it, but it hit me hard when I found it. I've come really far, but my tree is still a sapling, and easily bent. I try and nourish it as best I can, and sometimes tears really can help :)

I didn't want her crying in this though, it's when she realises everything will be okay, because things grow anew. Must be 30+ hours work in this, though it was mostly done on one layer... Messed around with lots of brushes, was enjoyable to use texture :nod:

She is not an ent or a groot, or anything not from my imagination, she is a symbol, for things growing again :heart:

Peace, love and stripping back the bark,
~Blue x

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"just like the end, the begin is inevitable !"

This just popup in the mind after staring at this piece of art !

Well done.

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So many deep meaning.
You're making me addicted to your works...
Hmm, Yes 
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Probs already said this but you really are one of my fave artists of all time!'Okay bai
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this is beautiful and i love detail work.
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this is gorgeous, how long did it take?
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So beautiful! Beating Heart  Animated Revamp of :+favlove:      Owl My Love Heart 
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Hey!  I saw that picture on a music compilation video!  I love it!
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A wonderful image & story!
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love the art style!!!
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wow. What a wonderful message. The art is phenomenal too.
Alycia-2014's avatar
Wow! I just looked at your art and there AMAZING!!!
JoeyAnarchyDoobedoo's avatar
Oh my gosh this is so beautiful! I love her expression and hair! And the colors . . . *sighs* . . . amazing.
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hi. can i ask you a little favor? ^.^
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I found you on facebook and searched through your prints - and then fell in love with this one <3
Not only because I love the colour green and the woods, but also for the message you send with this picture - or what I think the message is. Even if things are the worst and seem to be shattered everything goes on - sometimes it changes in shape, but it still goes on.
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I love it. It shows us. Us and our life bringing us up and down. Again and again. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and your story. I am with you. When you lough and also when the your world is gray again. Thanks for cheering me up. <3
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wonderful meaning...great!
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Wow. Wow.

Lovely art for a beautiful message.
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This might be my favorite all time art piece.  DEFORESTATION how it has hurt the forests, jungles, the animals, plants, and us and we lie to ourselves that it doesn't.  In the end if worse comes to worse humanity and animals may perish, but nature will find a way to bring back her beloved trees, and flowers. >^,^<  

It also speaks to how a women may be cut down and abuse or almost killed but we can come back stronger. 
Powerful Blue Magic!
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Fall down seven times, stand up eight.
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