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Friends set you Free

The cages we create can be unlocked, and the best people to do it are our friends. They can give us wings.

Sequel to: Trapped by School by DestinyBlue

This is dedicated to all my friends and supporters, you've helped me more than you'll ever know :hug: Thank you.

I enjoyed creating this, and especially like the fact that the cage she drew was rubbed out by her friend and has now become her glowing halo. Funny how things change :)

I had situations in my life where I had to paint my own wings, I drew about it in my piece: Paint your Wings by DestinyBlue but there are so many situations in life where we need to rely on others, teamwork is the backbone of society. Help you friends, they probably need you more than you realise.

Peace love and oldest friends,
~Blue x

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Wish I could relate. I've had friends, but they always leave, sometimes without even saying goodbye, and I hardly ever hear from them again.

Beautiful if we had an supporter ;)
Loneliness is cruel and if the one or two persons who are there still seem like enemies to you ... do not ask; /
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I just want to say this is a beautiful piece. I love the style and the concept and the color and the message. When I'm feeling overwhelmed it helps me appreciate those around me. Thank you for this!! red heart bullet red heart bullet 
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love yourk work !
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i absolutely love this concept 
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one more time : genius
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What friends? Are you talking about my drawings or myself? I am my only true friend anymore. I cant trust anyone else to be there for me when I need them most.
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I have struggled with anxiety for a while now, but I realize that I have friends when I need them most. It's magical, how friends saying good things about you can change you, how they make you feel. I dearly love my friends, because they make everything easier.
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Friends are your release, your saviors. I love my friends and my friends love me. I have moved far away from them and still cry from time to time...
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I disagree, but maybe you know better people than I do... I know only of rejection, of the hate people can sling at you... I must silence my ears with music to put up with them...
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You talk like someone whose country is in war. Did all of your family die? If not, you are lucky.
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No, I'm not in a war-torn country. I still have my family... but they don't exactly care whether I'm alive nor dead...
Luck is in the eyes of the beholder, much to the same vein as Beauty.
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Can I take this artwork and draw it in my own style? I'll credit you- I promise!
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Okay, I may have gotten a little impatient and posted it already, I'll take it down if you want.
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You don't have permission to re-make something before being allowed to. they don't respond to comments so they probably don't know you re-made It, I think your only two choices Is to take It down or note her and say you re-made It with a link to the re-draw.
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Thank you for telling me, I'm so sorry I left it this long!

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can't help but imagine that she's drawing a
little eye in between the wings, so she's
really drawing 02 from kirby: crystal shards
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I love this. 
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