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Fight for your Stripes


You earned them the hard way! Keep fighting!


I'm so glad I kept fighting, and didn't give up.

When you have repeated episodes of illness, each one is tougher in some ways. The backwards feeling, the resignation that whatever you did wasn't good enough to stop another onslaught. Each dip feels like someone hitting you, again and again, and every time it's harder to get up, especially as you know another punch is coming. And when you mental state is compromised by the illness anyway. It's tough. 

But I kept getting up.

I kept fighting.

I will keep going.

and I know you can too 💙

Peace, Love and Punches,

Blue x

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This is one of the best catgirl artworks I have ever seen.

p.s. Keep fighting.

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Nice work as always Blue ^^

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🎶eye of the 🐅🎶😉

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Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but the message talks directly to my deepest core : ever since my accident 22 years ago, I've been fighting, mostly against myself to accept my wounds and live with them.
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this has a lot of charm great job!
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All of your art is not only gorgeous, but meaningful and inspiring as well. Thank you so much for this greatness :)
😮 a little Furry in you?
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Love the bright colors!
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The joys of fighting like a girl...!
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I love this so much, it reminds me of my wife. 
Must order a print for her.
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Hug Star! St. Patricks Day! Coffee Machine Jamming to mah stereo Sun Bravo! i agree, i've been in a psychiatric ward for a few weeks now and it is quite intimidating and unfun as it has happened before. i am sorry if i seemed bizarro or creepy. i didn't intend that, i apologize Destiny, please forgive me SVP. i am still finding out about who i am. it's been rough living life without my Divine Feminine Twin Flame (DFTF), She accepts, trusts, respects and loves me as i am, was and will be. i am glad you are keeping going. Good Job! Yes, Peace and Love and Healing, and i Know You Will and Shall Succeed at Healing. me too   
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You never cease to amaze me! Your drawings are so amazing, and a few of them hit close to home with me. Your way of drawing and the interpretations are practically perfect. Even with the drawings that I don't fully understand leave me in awe, because you're able to choose the perfect color palette to convey the emotion, and I definitely feel it.

This new piece is probably going to be one my new favorites, and one I come back to during a low. It's an amazing reminder that through all the stuff that has happened/is happening through a seemingly excruciating time, you can come out of it stronger than you were when you started.

Keep up the good fight! And never stop doing what you love! 
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Keep going Blue! I really love what you’re doing and I hope to hear more about the art book you have planned soon :)
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