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Intoxicating and overwhelming... that urge to draw.

Having never been a smoker, I've struggled to understand why someone would want to pick it up. While talking with an old friend who had started the habit again after quitting for a year, he explained it to me "It's like having you own window of time; a box which you know will be filled up only with this, nothing else, your mind can wander anywhere. You hold a small corner of the world to just yourself for those few minutes"
His words surprised me, that's just how I feel whilst drawing. It's my own little space I have to to myself, where I can let my mind wander, relieve my stress, and not worry about anything else. And believe me, if I am not able to do it I get grumpy! XD Like it's my addiction. I'd never thought of it that way before...

This is in no way an avocation of starting smoking though :P The friend has since quit again and I'm very proud of him. I think my drawing addiction will be harder to kick, so I medicate with daily doses of doodling, and new sketchbook monthly, seems to do the trick ;)

Was having some serious urges after traveling so much I could fit barely any drawing in, can you believe it's been a month since I posted there?! Gosh, thanks for sticking around, you're great guys :hug: So I drew this in remembrance for the month I gave up my addiction for ;) Not too happy with the face, but I've got to get back into practice ;)

Peace, love and healthy addictions,
~Blue x

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I have a friend who's absolutely addicted to drawing. For the past five years, I've watched her sit through classes going through notebook after notebook after notebook, and I love flipping through their old pages and admiring her work. She's SO talented and SO like me, we've gotten along since we met. I think she could become a millionaire with her masterpieces, but she wants to be an architect... :(