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Only islands on the surface, but it goes so much deeper...

That first part of love.

So sorry for not posting new art sooner! Been so busy with my convention schedule, then my laptop decided to break when I got home! I was not a happy bunny, luckily I got my data back (remember to back up guys) and laptop was repaired. Plenty more new stuff on the way now though :heart: Just got to move house this weekend, then I'm on it ;D

I am pleased with how the iceberg turned out in this, not so much the people, wanted them to be in a different style to the BG but couldn't get them quite as meshed as hoped.

Pace and love to all you supportive people! Hope loves going well for your all, most of all the love you have for yourself :heart:

Peace, love and cold water,
Blue x
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I feel this has a certain mystique only you can capture <3 great job once again!
Languidarmchair's avatar
How wonder filled and it reminds me of the way we all are. how we see ourselves as unconnected and yet we are all connected to a common thread,,,Love
i like how it looks likes a hert

good jobe.

thubs up 4 u

Darkmoose84's avatar
For some reason, I'm now reminded of the animated film "Your Name."
farzmatin's avatar
Bravo!SunJamming to mah stereo Coffee Machine  Star! Destiny!Star! Coffee Machine Jamming to mah stereo Sun 
Jimmoon69's avatar
Lovely metaphor for Love and Life! Good Work... Bravo, Bella 'Blue'!
salyssong's avatar
Lovely imagery. Keep up the good work.
GreenCookieWolf-AJ's avatar
this would actually be pretty scary irl. just standin on there like "Well It's good to know I'm gonna die in water. NOT" 
xXjustsomekiddoXx's avatar
Prithya-chan's avatar
This is soooooooooooo beautiful
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Those look like Pauline and human!Donkey Kong.
Art-Of-A-Dreamer's avatar
I love this one😄
FlyingMintKitty135's avatar
Wow... This is amazing.
wabyanko's avatar
Like this Artwork the idea and colors, and also the comment about alternative end for Titanic, waiting for the new movie with DestinyBlue Iceberg at the end, or not really the end, let's say beginning of another story
Daphne-Brown's avatar
This reminds me SOO HARD of my OTP!!
ThaoNguyen-violet's avatar
Oh, it is so meaning ! Undertale SOUL - Magenta (Fanmade) (Not mine) 
ElizavetaS's avatar
Wow! So cute! Beautiful idea!
purpleninja7's avatar
I really like how the ice berg seems to glow underwater!
JenTeaRose's avatar
I love the water effects!
onehitpoint's avatar
Beutiful ❤❤❤
Harthalys's avatar
So much Love Heart HugHeart 
Risa3's avatar
Very creative !
HandsomeGamerGuy's avatar
Can I download this Picute?
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