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Even your halo casts a shadow

However good you try to be, there are always dark parts to discover....

I'm all about light, but of course you can't have that without shadow :)

I think that's true for humanity. It's one of the reasons for my interest in moral philosophy, what make an action good? What do we even mean by 'good'? I just finished the book 'Justice: What's the right things to do?' by Michael Sandel, which posed some really interesting moral quandaries, including introducing me to the city of Omeals, which is vibrant, harmonious, and prosperous, but it is only kept that way by keeping a child locked away, in squalor, pain and torture, but it it the mechanism which keeps the city beautifully turning. Is this right? So many people are happy because of that child! But what about the child? Does it have rights? Are they more important than the thousands in the city? Would you live in Omeals?
Michael Sandels lectures at Harvard, on which the book he wrote was based, are available to view online: I highly recommend watching at least the first one! Even if you don't have any interest in moral philosophy, you might find yourself developing one ;)

For the painting, I wanted to keep the colour scheme light and keep my palette pastel. It's my lovely white haired girl Ash! She's done this effect with some make-up and hair chalk ;)

We can never exist without our existence having some negative consequences, and this is my musing on that...

Peace, Love and Morals,
Blue xx

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