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Looking at the butterflies scars, the girl thinks how many scars she has that no one could ever see...

Thank you SO much for all the support on my latest deviation:  Not Alone by DestinyBlue Please read the description of that if you have not already. I've been overwhelmed with all your messages and kindness ;-;

I know my worst scars you couldn't find on my body. You never know what people have been though, or are going through, so it's best to be kind to everyone :)

These two pieces are twin sisters of fire and ice. For the things you can see, and the things you can't... I let the colours talk in this one. Hope is still there :heart:

Peace, love and alternate colours,
~Blue x

-Along with 'Not Alone' 10% of all profits from this print goes to the Samaritans charity :)-

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Hi, I wrote you a letter, but you never answered..... If you did not like the work (1st of three), then write me a letter ( indicated in the description under the video my mail ) or just write a personal message on this site!!!

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Magical. I love the colors. Your shading is very skillful.

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AWhhh she got a little friend<3
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I love this blue version, your art style and colors so particularly is gorgeous
I'm fan definitely :heart:
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excelente trabajo artístico.
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Thank you, Destiny Blue. You have reminded me that I am not alone.
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I love your artwork sooo much your DRAWINGS bring me soo much joy! <3
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I love how you draw faces.. it's so hard for me, but it seems to come so easily to you.. If you have any tips or advice, that'd be amazing!
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The way you drew your mouth and nose and eyes really caught my attention. It looks so flawless and beautiful~
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The blue hue looks very vibrant.
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This is amazing! I met you when I was younger and I admire your art (I have this piece)
Keep it up ;)
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Aghhh! I wish I could be as good as you, you put so much effort into these 💙💙 I love you so much, your my idol like 12/10 💙💙
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I love it. Your drawings are so beautiful 
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Your colors are so beautiful. You do amazingly well on expressions. They speak so many words in one picture.Crying Charmandar They're so great. I could favorite all of them.
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the colors and expressions are just magnificent! Simply gorgeous to look at.
Amazing job
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Pretty. But she looks sad. Waaaah! *hugs*
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Reminds me of the song Paradise by Coldplay.
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I know right? it's just so precise!
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Yeah! And i love Coldplay btw
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Me too! they are one of my top 10 fav bands!
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