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Chibi Sculpture Tutorial

please click download to view!

Thanks for reading all that... but theres still more in the description! XD
Im not to interested in hearing how i've spelled things wrong.. I know I have XD ...well not on purpose or anything ts just ivevitable XD
My main purpose of this tutorial was to let you know how I did these little things... as long as I have conveyed that message I feel i've triumphed. But if there is anything you really don't understand please do say! XD

In the tutorial I said I would give thinks to things so here they are:


SuperSculpey clay to the UK:
[link] <I always order from there and they have been very good! ...apparently you can get supersculpey anywhere in america (;-;)

You can get fimo clay from any art and craft shop all over the UK

Search for Eye pins on ebay if you need them, they are quite cheap.

~ Fluke ~
The picture I printed out and used as a reference can be found here
[link] < and you can find other pictures of fluke linked from there :)

~Other necklaces~
Sora, Riku: [link]
Kairi: [link]
Aeris, Kenny, Tonberry and Stitch: [link]
random earrings: [link]


ahhhh... This tutorial took SO much time to put together... and it was also much harder than I thought XD

I do do these neckalce comissions they cost arround £30 depending on everything, if you would like one please note me about it! :D Ill do more or less any character :)

Please ask any questions? just ask! sure iv forgotten something! XD

I would say more but I really hope the tutorial speaks for itself :)
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That is really fine.  Thank you.
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So saving this as I am going to buy some clay and wants to start to do more than just traditional art. :)
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so grand tut. artwork!

i amazed!

thank you!
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@_@ loong tutorial
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Ok question: Polymer Clay is toxic. You can't actually put it in the oven unless it's one you use only for clay and not for cooking. What else can you do to dry them up? Or could the sculptures work with das clay?
Sky-draws-things's avatar
You don't need a clay specific oven all you need to know is polymer clay safety, as long as you don't burn the clay your oven should be fine to cook in…
amineefreak's avatar
Yeah, are there any other types of clay that would be good to use that can actually be put in the oven? I can't get a special clay oven because i'm still a tween, and my mom doesn't think I should get one *sigh*.
Sky-draws-things's avatar
You don't need a clay specific oven all you need to know is polymer clay safety, as long as you don't burn the clay your oven should be fine to cook in…
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incredibly helpful, thanks for posting :)
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CI- A- OO- T !!! (CUTE!)
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Thanks for all your sweet comments :)
Cinderheart142000's avatar
no problem!!! XD XD XD
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So you are using Polymer clay right? I was wondering when you paint them do you have to pain tthem using acrylic paint?
And also where did you get your tools from (the one where you can mold the clay and create dents int it) and what is it called?
I wanted to make bigger sculptures that stand up on their own...kinda like nenondoroid chibi things. Would that be possible using polymer clay?
tearsofblood321's avatar
you have made sculpting so much easier for me :D
NaotoRan0601's avatar
during bake it,would it stick? OuO?
fullmetaladdict1101's avatar
Thanks so much for this tutorial! :D
It makes it easier for me to see someone make a chibi step by step-especially when I hardly use clay ^^;
Kiokokat's avatar
Thank you so much for the tutorial c:
♥ so cute
pula-leaf's avatar
xD You use the same paints as I do lol
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Yes, everybody who does its first sculpt should say that you made this looks extremely easy to do. I live in tropical country, the heat softens the clay so much, that i cannot make the legs visible enough due to accidentally pushed to the work surface. easily solved by cooling the clay to the fridge, though annoying. :D I'm currently working one, that i need to restart about 5 times just to get that ball perfect. xD

I would say to you that you should allow this to be downloaded, as many people could not see this due to deviantART V7 auto horizontal resize to fit browser's size. Or write a little description that "you can save this to your desktop to restore the size".

honestly, you would need 7500px long monitor to see this without downloading.
DestinyBlue's avatar
thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! ddnt realise browers resize it, I've now got this to be able to be downloaded.
Its true it is pretty tricky, I tryed to break it down as much as possible... I live in england so mostly its like a fridge outside XD
when your done wih your model i'd love to see it :)
xxAREESHAxx's avatar
I can't see it o.o
It was too small even when I hit full size!
bread-doh's avatar
Y'all can save the force-resized pic to your PC to restore this awesome tut :iconthumbsupplz:
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omg im so getting me some polymer clay now....for petes sake thats irresistable
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This is a great tutorial - I'll definitely be reffing it later.

Thanks for sharing! <3

~ Ver
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