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Call Off the Search

I just want to be lost for a while...

I'm back in psychiatric hospital, but hopefully for not too long. This one is a good one at least.
Just had a rough patch. I haven't needed the ward for 2 years, and I don't think this will be a long stay.
Thanks for your support though this time.

Feel free to interpret the painting how you feel, I'd love to hear your understanding of it 💙

Peace, Love and Alone Time,
Blue x

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Delicate image!

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I love the colors! There is beauty in struggle--remember you're not alone.

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Sometimes you need a break from something... To go into your own space =)

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So breathtakingly beautiful.
Im not sure if I understand it right but it seems you want people to bug off and give you at least while of calm and quiet? 
Im also holding my thumbs for you to feel better mentally and physically.
I only wanna be lost for a little while...i'll be back i promise, i just...need to sort myself out a little.
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This reminds me a lot of the movie Inside Out. Good as it is, sometimes people push or rush those going through hard times to feel better. I feel there has to be a small period where you wish you be to yourself, just in a slump for awhile getting over your feels. Not too long, definitely get "found" and receive help eventually, but take some you time and be lost for awhile first you know? Joy had to realize Sadness was necessary to gain in the end, just as we all do. A good cry goes a long way.
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I absolutely love this! As I do all your other work too! ^^ <3
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You truly are my inspiration and everything! Your artworks are incredibly amazing and charming! I just can't describe how much I love you and your artworks.  Your every artworks have deep meanings. Which is the main thing I extremely love in your works! I'm an idiot not to be good in expressing my feelings for you.. Kao Emoji-26 (Cry) [V2] 
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the colour in this makes it hit harder for me. its beautiful, thank you. 
Beautiful. I know that feeling all too well.
wishing the best for youHug 
- Sea
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I love the meaning behind this <3
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this is one we can all relate to... sometimes we don't yet want to be found and need a little time
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This is beautiful! Your work has a very soulful quality, the colours are often vibrant, belying that the stories they convey are melancholy, even painful. 
Here is a virtual hug :hug: and best wishes for your recovery
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Hello Blue!
Hope you are recovering well, we know you are strong! small heart - blue 
This is probably one of my favourite artwork from you. It is really touching. I love the way you transmit emotion through art. I love you, you are and always will be, my idol.
Sending tons of love from Portugal! Hug 

Carolina small heart - blue 
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This really speaks to me. And it's nice to know that there are people in our lives who will never stop looking for us, no matter how long it takes.
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It reminds me of the end of The Titanic, though Rose was still wanting to be found after letting Jack sink into the deep forever....I hope you find the hour where you want to be found again, and that you're found by the right people...... I keep wondering if you'd be interested in reading a novel I wrote... It's about a teenage boy with a gloriously consuming imagination. His abusive father keeps him on the edges of depression, so he's spent a lot of time inside his head creating a whole world to escape to. But after falling in love with an imaginary girl and managing to lose her, he's forced to wonder if his safe haven is all that safe after all. And that's when he notices that another imaginary friend is proving to have had an independent mind of her own all along. With his sanity at stake, he's after the truth of who and/or what is infiltrating his mind and why. It's a real adventure through fantasy, the exposed human heart, and insanity, but also reality, as I actually based it off of my personal life story. Let me know if you'd be interested, as all I'd like in return is a couple thoughts of yours should you read it to the end. I luv U Miss Destiny, wish I could be there for you as the friend you need most. You're not alone.
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I really like the shine of the light on her shoulders under the water! It looks awesome!
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When you hold your breath and close your eyes underwater, and all the sounds are muffled and if you listen you can hear your own heart beating.   That's what this reminds me of. Of floating endlessly, bobbing peacefully in the pull of the waves and nothing can harm me: not stress, anxiety, responsibility, or obligations. For thirty seconds the rest of the world fades away and I don't have to think. That's when I find peace, just before the rest of the world comes rushing back to me when I come up again.

Thank you Destiny Blue
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Lovely painting, I hope that you feel better soon! I always look forward to seeing your new masterpieces <3
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I feel like the search in this is change. She's scared of change and doesn't want it, even if it's for the best.
This is so gorgeous!!!
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What this painting means to me:
They all say "It will get better", even I say "It will all get better". However, it does not feel like it - its like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, that seems so so far away. There is the light, and yet I choose to stay in the dark - not wanting to come out of my cocoon.

Thank you for this piece of art, its beautiful!
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