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Published: July 31, 2015
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Your words were the bullets, trying to take me down, make me feel smaller. But I put their power into becoming better, and bigger. You didn't mean to, but you helped make these wings.

Ash is dealing with someone really negative in her life, someone who doesn't believe in her, who doesn't -want- to believe in her. Someone who actually would like to see her fail just so they could say 'told you so'
It hurts when someone like this says things to try and bring you down, but she's using the situation to be a better person. He reaction is equal and opposite, she wants to be a special effect make-up artist for film and TV, and so she channeled her energy into creating this! 
Then she cuts that person out her life. Go Ash! :D :heart:

I'm undecided about the style of this... but wanted to try something, so I went for it! But I'm not convinced by it XD
~I have a bit of time off from conventions now, so please expect lots more art from me soon! :heart: For now you can enjoy this as a wallpaper! :D

Peace, Love and Positivity,
~Blue x

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Go on ahead, take the shot! SEE WHAT GOOD IT DOES YOU!!! -Zeta 2019
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She butterfly-bullet, take a breath. ∞


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DarkUnknowHobbyist Digital Artist
Incredibly! Everyone should try to have this kind of confidence and determination! 
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inkyysplatt325Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Brilliant! So beautiful
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Anger could be a helpfull Fuel <3
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The determination in that expression really makes this great. Love it
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I love this piece. So powerful. <3
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Adam-P-DHobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome, beautiful, and really inspirational! You did great with everything about thisLove
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Elliecake5Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there! I just wanted to make you aware that a user has made an edit of your amazing work: BulletProof Fire Edit I'm not sure whether you have given them permission or not. If so, just ignore me :)
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I love the drawing 
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SilverStallion1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this. 
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Nefertaery2007Hobbyist General Artist
your feelings on your art is amazing and wonderful, when i read wings i think in my favourite god of Ancient Egypt: Horus. When you are bad and have many problems in your life you have really two options: Fall or rise up (maybe with your wings). Cheers :)
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ATWOAHobbyist General Artist

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words can never hurt me right?
A positive attitude brimmed with light
However the bullets can pierce my heart
Or cut right through me, when they are sharp
They keep shooting out of their mouths
The bullet-rain always shouts
But watch as your bullets hits the roof
Because now my heart is bulletproof

Your art always inspires me, I always wants to draw stuff using the poses and symbolism yuo use, but then I tell myself, you already did that, so it wouldn't serve much purpose, especially when I can't fnd a way to make it unique or distinct from yours. today I decided to write a poem, because that is still a diffrent take on what you did, THe poem shall also be called Bulletproof

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Daphne-BrownHobbyist General Artist
I'm honestly in awe of people who ca write poetry

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ATWOAHobbyist General Artist
Thanks, altho DestinyBlue was the one that painted the idea so vividly that it sparked this poem. That said the secret is to just express yourself and what you feel on a piece of paper, in principle not that different from art. The not so secret part is practice tho
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Daphne-BrownHobbyist General Artist
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I really want to buy a poster print of this. Do you know when you will have some available? 
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carlos-salva-artProfessional Digital Artist
GIF Adventure Time - Blushing Intensifies Wow!  Woooooooooooooow la Fella (Smileys) Marco Is Amazed Emote Hinata Gasp Icon Cho Kyuhyun Clap OMG! -fella-(messages)
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XxLady-CarnagexXHobbyist Artist
You have beautiful art... reallly stunning. Tho, i am dissapointed people find it ok to steal your art. 

I do hope to see more beautiful art from you. 
Truly remarkable details you put in both the art and description. 
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AhsokaTano1611Student General Artist
Oh my
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Your art... so expressive, so beautiful.
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I love the idea of a series that, when the character rises with her strength, the physical world changes to show her wings. The wings become planted in the landscape as symbols of hope for others and the people she's helped in the past or will help in the future. In the beginning, no one notices the wings branded on the sides of buildings, scorched on the earth or bent into places, but slowly people see where this person has been and they know she was strong for herself and others. They know because it is undeniable, reality changed to prove it. 
"If she can do, i want to try, too." Their hearts stir in empathy. 
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