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Artist Outfit Of The Day Drawing!

Drew my outfit of the day! First time ever! 💙

I'm kinda nervous sharing sketchy things with you guys, and it was a little tough finding a sketchy style which doesn't just look rushed! ^-^

What do you think? Would you like to see more of these? 

Peace, Love and Matching Your Outfit to your Hair,
Blue xx

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Love it! like the shoes...IRL and in the pic! Great job!

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Have you grown up admiring actors and actresses wondering how they look so young and good? Have you ever thought whether that it’s natural or not? Well.. By now most of you must have figured it out that it’s artificial beauty which is the mystery behind their glossy and young appearance. But what happens behind the scenes? Try to become a makeup artist.

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You're Beautiful ♡
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MrFrigginSuspenders's avatar
you look like an anine character, and i don't mean that in a positive way
MianaWhiteSoul's avatar
You remind me of Chloe Price.
RedTheDeadGoat's avatar
I loves your blue hair its soo cute!
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Your outfit is such pretty <3
theolivethief14's avatar
oh my goodness, you're so adorable!!
BeNice108's avatar
Matching your outfit to your hair is something I adore doing in-game... Too boring myself to dye my hair and try it for real though!
MrFrigginSuspenders's avatar
you look like the type of person who reminds me to check my priveleges every tine I'm an arm’s reach near you
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It's so cute!Heart 
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God you're so pretty
EvelynVictus's avatar
Love the colors! :)
MissWellert's avatar
Ok since now you're my official outfit goals XD

And I love your sketchy style! It's so light and free and kind of fresh? Idk I can't put things into words sometimes, but it reminds me of animated films :heart:
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You are so inspirational
chacyung's avatar
Very Beautiful ^.^

And the drawing is cute too {wink}
SuperMiniMicro's avatar
So cute!! Both you and the sketch! :) Would you ever offer something like this as a commission? I loooove your usual works, but this sketchy style is so cute too! <3
SerenityRoseArt's avatar
You're really pretty. And I love your sense of style!
LittleButterfly123's avatar
I love your hair in this picture. You are so beautiful
Grendelkin's avatar
Looks good! Both panels. ^_^
Asmodeus623's avatar
Lots of pretty blue and a cute outfit!
thegiverandlover's avatar
So cute really pretty!
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