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Published: December 4, 2015
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Pleeeeeease don't pop....

Unfortunately depression has reared it's ugly head for me again...  Depression by DestinyBlue [Where I first opened up about tough times]

And it's come with it's sister, anxiety.

Anxiety is the smaller, meaner one, where as depression is the more manipulative. Depression makes you think she's your friend, then pushes a knife into your hand and whispers to hurt yourself. Anxiety punches you in the chest while shouting in your ear about all the times you fucked up. It's an unpleasant duo.

I try and not listen to either, but it's hard. 

I'm really glad I opened up and told my story with mental health, but it's actually it's still quite hard for me to talk about online. I really don't want to sound like I'm moaning or throwing a pity party. I have many wonderful blessings in this life which I am so grateful for, but I do also have a mental health condition which sometimes makes life horribly difficult.
I also know there are thousands of people who struggle like I do, and I know just opening up about my experience can help. 
So I don't want to be quiet about it. Sorry if it comes off as moaning, but I truly believe this is an issue worth opening up about :heart:
It's a struggle at the moment, and drawing helps me deal :)

Thanks for all the kindness shown towards me, it is comforting to know how many people understand x

Hope the painting itself is kind of self explanatory... but I'd love to hear your opinions and interpretations on it's meaning :)

Just opened my print shop up for Christmas: with free shipping all December :heart:

Peace, Love and Red Balloons,
Blue xx

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Aqua-Wolfy Digital Artist

HeY, i reconize that art

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DarkUnknowHobbyist Digital Artist
Anxiety and Depression. Two pals who are attached to my skin like super glue. 
Anxiety always finds problems in me. It tells me that I can't do that this way, that way, "it could be better if you said that", "everyone's watching",
"what will they think of you?" "Everyone will make fun of you", "This is wrong", "It's not perfect"

Depression on the other hand is very abusive and aggressive on me. It bullies me physically and mentally. It tells me "You're nothing, worthless,  hopeless, useless, unnecessary, unhelpful, trouble, a mistake" "You don't deserve to be alive" "What's the point in doing that" "Life is nothing" "You're imperfect"
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This is so cute and sweet!!!!!
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I think I might be able to relate, but the problem is, that I actually feel the same way about putting that stuff online. It's scary, people will talk about you, like you just want attention.
Now, I still am not entirely honest about my life online, I always let my flaws go away, I'm still not perfect, I know. But then other people get so open about their life, it might make me feel regrets and all that, but still... It's scary to be honest, online. After this, I think -I should- be more open about the real me, and just accept these flaws. And I hope you guys, and you Blue, have a nicer life, an improving one, a blessed one.
Because that's what you deserve. <3
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ThatRandomUnderbirbHobbyist General Artist
I feel like your art is inspired me to make art like yours. I know i should just post this on your wall but i got lazy and I really like this post. Keepup the good work and great art. I feel like we all need you on DA...
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LularuuHobbyist General Artist
i feel like it is more of, the balloons are maces, and i'm the balloon. too scared to pop
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GaladrayAngelHobbyist Digital Artist
me 2
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jennahawke39Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for making pieces like this one, Blue. I got it a few months back and I look at it everytime my anxiety acts up. Lately, my anxiety has been so bad I've been having a hard time just functioning in regular life. Your art makes me feel better and it gives me the courage to smile.  I have a fee prints and this one is easily my favorite.  Thank you for your beautiful art and how it helps me make it through the rough times
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Scotchtape333Student Digital Artist
this is so pretty!!!!
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goosetoothHobbyist General Artist
this is such an accurate portrayal of anxiety. I have severe anxiety, it's so severe it's significantly handicapped me and affected my life.
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so accurate. Anxiety is normally complicated to explain. And now its sumarized in one image
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Cable-Bunny8Hobbyist General Artist
Woah, all of these are so beautiful~ 
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This made me cry..... 
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QuartziteProductionsHobbyist General Artist
I suffer from mental illnesses two depression and anxiety 

it it makes you feel like your going down a pit and going crazier every second 
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ChickiepopStudent Digital Artist
but please don't pop
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Agneska101Student Digital Artist
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NyxTheFlyingKatFishStudent General Artist
love it and using for a school project <3 <3 <3
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You don't sound whiny at all. Mental heath is a serious thing. Yes, many people have the same problems, but I applaud you on your courage to open up about it. I hope you get better!
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I will pray for you. 
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thank you for making this more easy for me to tell people what this feels like
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cdoodlenoodleHobbyist General Artist
This piece has so much emotion in it! When I first saw it I thought that it was about not letting people get too close to you in fear that they might get hurt, but I understand your meaning too. I hope you feel better soonHeart 
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Nobody thinks you're moaning - at least no one who matters and toss the rest! - so you talk about it all you want ... talk frequently and in great detail; just talking can help relieve pressure.  I know, for a fact, that people who really suffer from mental distress are always worried about sounding fake and attention seeking but the people you need to hear you will know better. 
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kaytbearHobbyist General Artist
Your art has such deep meanings. I love that.
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GabriellaPArtProfessional General Artist
I love your style and the colour pallets that you use throughout your pieces. You have a new watcher!
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