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Its this angels job to put the christmas lights up on the DA banner each year. Shhh dont disturb her...

Just a little idea I cooked up when the christmas lights on the DA banner were first put up. You see in our house when we were younger the christmas tree was put up by the children (4 of us) and then when we went to sleep the 'fairys' would come and decorate it all. I thought it would be great if deviantart had its own little angel who came and decorated the sign when everyone was sleeping. :D

No those are not condom *face palm* they are fairy lights -yes- they do actually look like that. You and your dirty minds ;) heh

The pictures all done in open canvas 3 and I have completly no idea how long it took, but too long is the eventual time :P I hope the picture isnt to bright for your monitors, I had a few people say my last piece was to light, you see I have a spiffy new monitor and it shows up even the smallest colour change and I was obviously going for quite a bright sparkly angel so I hope you can all see ^^;

Those angel wings were the worst thing to do.. linearting them took so long ;-; they kept looking to fluffy or to skrawny or not wingy enough XD
Again I've gone towards a more classic anime manga style than some of my older works, but I just like playing around.

Linart for anyone interested:…

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