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All Wrong

By DestinyBlue
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When things don't even fuck up how they're supposed to.

Sequel to:
Anxiety by DestinyBlue

Thanks for all your support over the past few months, after my mental health certainly fucked up in a way I didn't expect it too!

One of my 'could have been better' paintings. But I'm just glad I can draw at all at this point :)

Peace, Love and Popping,
Blue xx

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ooooooooh I hope she can mend it!!
MrFrigginSuspenders's avatar
she broke a baloon on free balloon day
Cachemirine's avatar
The way she has her hand on her chest/ broken ballon is connected to her— wow.
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I would seriously love to see your work in real life, like shown in an art gallery or such. I imagine it being a lovely travel through your experiences. It would also be suiting because your drawings have sequels and so on.

When I found your page several years ago, I would go through your art and relate so much to everything you did, perhaps the descriptions the most. I loved how you could express so much of your experiences through your art, but also conveyed more in the description. Several of your pieces have made me cry. It's been an absolute joy to follow you. Personally I'd want to have a gallery full of your work because not only is it astonishingly beautiful, but the messages you send with them are so important to share. Mental illnesses are easier to talk about now, yes, and that's great! But there's still so much stigma with it... I don't trust most people to tell them that I'm struggling, because I'm afraid that they will judge me, look at me differently. Sympathize with me. Think I'm crazy. I really wish it wasn't like that at all, because I know it pushes me every so slightly more backwards when I have to hide it. I want to be more open about it, and I guess I'm not ready to be open with just anyone about it, but I've been trying so hard to be more open and honest with my partner, and just that has helped a lot.

I want to thank you DestinyBlue. I want to thank you for all of the amazing artwork you've created, your honesty about your struggles.
Thank you :heart:
Dannny-Deviant's avatar
I would very much like for this to be available for purchase. Any chance of that happening?
thinkinthemid's avatar
I decided to go on the most recent picture where this was the case to make this comment. I've noticed that a few of your paintings feature a girl with red or ginger hair. Is there a specific meaning that goes behind this, or is it just because it was what felt right at the time while drawing it? I would love to hear it from you!
Anabelle-Stein's avatar
How amazing and beautiful your art is. Keep it up dear.
LordSia's avatar
Oh I recognise that feeling.

At least when things fuck up properly, you have the satisfaction of knowing ahead of time just how it will play out.
Ai-to-maho's avatar
Nothing like a broken Balloon, that hurts! 
rosy-cats's avatar
You see, balloons pop, and then flake to peices. This balloon broke like glass
It broke in a way least expected.

So moving and powerful, excellent work, as always, destinyblue.
LiveDrawDream's avatar
you have a talent with faces 
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(sorry if my english is bad ^^')

Hello DestinyBlue !
Thank you for your smile and your kindness at Japan Expo Paris
It's the second time I see you in JE with my best friend and we are surprised that you recognized us ! *happy*
I repeat myself but I love your work (I buy 3 posters every year so I see it every time ! ^o^/) I don't have the english vocabulary for say that I want but... It's just beautiful !


(the girl with new Harry Potter glasses)
LineKlein's avatar
this reminds me of a song I love called Hermit the frog from Marina and the Dimonds
darkfog91's avatar
I know it's A sad drawing. I just can't help but to imagine the baloon poping in a comedic way and laugh. If offended, forgive My satire.
Llama-Bean's avatar
Happens to much right
Hawkieface's avatar
One of your "could have been better paintings"? Surely you're joking! The concept behind it is just so powerful, and it's inspiring you can make such things in spite of all the struggles you go through. Without a doubt, this is easily one of my favourite pieces of your artwork x
GoodBytesComics's avatar
This is honestly a beautiful piece. The message that this portrays is incredible. You have an amazing talent in both this and the writing you put under some pieces. 
Shesa-Issa's avatar
Wow. This says all the words that I can't find to describe a lot of things.
Hyikate's avatar
Or not broken beyond repair
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