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Addicted to the Music

She's addicted to the music!

Some of your may know I've got some heavy things on my shoulders at the moment. Much of my recent art has been inspired and is a channel for the feelings that come with that. This is no exception. Music has been my release.

Music is my drug of choice. Its amazing how much like medication music can be...
Have to say I dislike that awkward moment when someone asks 'so what music do you like?' and they list off chart bands, you have to explain what you enjoy and they look confused. Not that I don't love some chart stuff! But between computer games, folk, classical, soundtracks my tastes can be a bit eclectic ;)
In general I love sweeping orchestral and moving pieces. I love to imagine when I listen and let the music dictate the colours and scenes in my head.
Saw Nobuo Uemastu concert live when Distant Worlds came to London, simply awesome. It's coming back again this year.

*ahem* So the picture. Yeah, shes just chewing her way through those wires XD Not sure what she's listening to but it might be your favourite tune! :heart:
OpenCanvas, Wacom Tablet.

Peace, love and music :heart:

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Definatly sounds like me! :3

I love music