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Words of Thanks

I wish I could personally thank every single one of you who has shown me and my art support, it's not always possible to reply personally to each comment I get. I do read every single one!
So I must give a heartfelt thank you here and let you know how much I appreciate all of your kind words and support over the years.
I hope continuing sharing with you little pieces of my soul through my art is thanks enough :hug:


Where did you learn to draw?
I'm completely self taught! My high school art teacher told me cartoons were not art, so I didn't peruse any formal education in art. My drive came from within, to draw something into existence has always been intoxicating for me.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Drawing is the way I can best express myself. My art is like a visual diary, documenting feelings, thoughts and events. I find my inspirations all over, most often in everyday life, or the need get crap out of my head onto paper.
Please don't let me darker work fool you. I'm naturally a cheerful person; who has struggled with tough times. During the hard times I use drawing as an escape, a way to vent and put my story on paper, to be constructive with the destructive thoughts. It's been a life saver.

Do you do commissions?
Never, sorry. If someone is controlling my pen with their money I find it stifling. Staying independent is really important to me. I need to tell my own stories, an I know you guys appreciate seeing original work :)

Do you do requests?
No, sorry. See above. Minus money. This includes drawing you XD

What tools do you use?
PhotoShop CS6 and SAI, and a Wacom intuos3 drawing tablet, or my snazzy new Cintiq Companion. I recommend looking at Wacoms 'Bamboo' range if you're just starting out :)

Do you read your comments?
Every. Single. One. The support and feedback you give me is beautiful and often overwhelming I'm truly sorry I cannot reply to everyone (If I did I would never get any drawing done XD) but I read them all, and so many of you have touched me more deeply then you'll ever know :heart:

Can I use your art for something personal/non profit?
Please do! I love it when people use my art for wallpapers/backgrounds/tattoos/scrapbooks
I also love to see my work shared, as long as credit is provided :heart:

Can I use your art for my commercial product?
No. You may not use my art for your financial gain.

Can I do a school assignment about you?
What an honour ^-^ Please feel free to, though I'm sorry I can't personally answer questions, I have covered a lot in my full FAQ:

Can I create something inspired by you?
Wow, yes! I adore seeing works I helped inspire :heart: Please do. Stuff like this makes my day :)

Where can I buy prints?
You can order signed prints which I produce and sign personally form my store:

I have more questions!
That's not actually a question ;)
But if you would like to know anything more please check out my long full FAQ here:

Thank you! :heart:

Meet me at:

Conventions 2018



~ MCM London Comic Con ~
May 26th - 28th - London, England


~ New York Comic Con ~
October 4th - 7th - New York, USA


~ MCM London Comic Con ~
October 26th - 28th - London, England



~~~See you there! :heart:

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
DestinyBlue is one of DeviantArt's most recognized and beloved artists. She is a long-term deviant who regularly pours her heart and soul into the community, and spends much of her time each day leaving thoughtful, helpful comments for other artists on their work. In addition to the kindness and energy she puts forth into the community, her art is instantly recognizable, covering a variety of themes that any viewer can appreciate and connect with. It is our pleasure to name DestinyBlue the recipient of the Deviousness Award for July 2015.
-awarded July 2015
Draw This In Your Style! by DestinyBlue
Almost 2000 redraws of my fish hair girl (!!) 💙💙 I feel like I've collaborated with so many of you! It was so hard to chose who to feature let alone winners! 100 easily deserved to be up here!

I know there'll be some disappointed people, so please keep in mind my choices are imperfect, there certainly some more technically proficient pieces which didn't make it, I had to go with my heart, and I wanted some variety too.

See the top 10 print winners on my instagram 

But I'm also awarding 2 extra DeviantArt print winners: Goldfish by PrivateCoppery and The Colour of Water by BirdyBlubecause they are both fantastic!

Thank you to each and every one of you who redrew - I was so happy to see you breath life into my girl ^_^

This is not the end though! You are welcome to post your redraws forever! I'll keep her up in my gallery so you can come and be inspired whenever you need it. 

Here are some more of my favorites:
Fish by jadoan20 DestinyBlue Redraw by Akoriel DestinyBlue Redraw by vannavixen Draw This in Your Style - DestinyBlue by Yseulta DestinyBlue-Redraw by Anorha-Nono Blue by GreyAreas DestinyBlue redraw challenge by Crok29 Destinyblue my style character redraw by llymphae [13] Luminous by Catstudio7 my blue space by Kittyillustrations Draw This In Your Style! - Destiny Blue Redraw by SilverSweety Draw this in your style | DestinyBlue by InvisibleKing DestinyBlue Redraw by KimberlyColors DestinyBlue Redraw Challenge by Prismo-Art Drew that in my style by Little-Caracal this was meant to be a warmup by ad--meliora destinyblue redraw challenge by ProspitFox deepsea by kyosplosion Lost in the Deep Blue | Redraw Challenge by karmel-apple Draw This In Your Style - DestinyBlue by JustNeus DestinyBlue by CleoNova DestinyBlue Redraw by mszsz Fishy by WildGuppy marine glow by emiiarryoux Destiny Blue Challenge by Scaevitas Destiny Blue Redraw by Czhe Answer 1 -draw this in your style- by Neko3935 Destinyblue's Redraw Challenge ~ by Luludia I drew this in my style! by Stairfell Style Meme | DestinyBlue by Luminene Destinyblue - Draw This In Your Style 2018 by Ejderha-Arts Inmystyle DestinyBlue by FoxPirate Friend of the Sea by LunascapeStudios Out for a Smoke... by Desert-Carnation006 goldfish girl by LaurisWorld Goldfish | Draw This In Your Style (DestinyBlue) by xKittyblue Goldfish Girl by RoseSpectrum Destiny Blue Redraw by Niihlus redraw challenge thingy by Kowish Draw this in your style by Ameliasketches Goldfish Galaxy by elikapika Goldfish by 301cc #Drawthisinyourstyle Destiny Blue by Rumay-Chian DestinyBlue Redraw Challenge by Fieta Draw This In Your Style  by PSfreak2012 Water and Light by Mariipie Destiny Blue'd Draw This In Your Style  by PandoryArt [2018] Drawinyourownstyle III by IrisSeptim


DestinyBlue's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional
United Kingdom
My work as an artist takes me all over the UK (and the world) to many events and conventions, I love drawing, traveling and people, which is great because I get enjoy them all doing what I do! :)

~I couldn't do this with out your support! Thank you all so much *bows deeply*


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ArcticPearl Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the Draw This In Your Style challenge! I've wanted to focus on creating art this summer and this challenge launched me into that. I usually say "This time I'll do it" but then I don't. Time flies by and I regret not doing things when I say I'll do them. If I had made art every time I told myself I would then I would've been a much better artist by now. I feel like this challenge helped me break this habit.

Thanks for being a talented, inspirational artist and a kind, intelligent person. You deserve every bit of praise you receive. I'm glad you exist. Hug 
Mineral-Water Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

did u know about this
QuinnyBot Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that someone editted at posted your artwork on twitter supposedly for the sake of their own humor. I hope all is well, otherwise!…
StefanieDworschak Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for being so inspiring:LongStemRose: 
marionbrook Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I don't know if it's intentional, Blue, but in most of your drawings, it makes me feel like warmth comes from within. And it may be as obvious as "Inner Glow" and as subtle as "Procrastination" and "Draw this your Style". I love this message: warmth comes from within! <3 Is it intentional? It's awesome! An awesome message in all your art!
Gem-D Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the fav!!! I really appreciate it! :hug:
Foozeala Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely adore your art! It's so amazing, and I'm absolutely in love with the style, and feeling you put into everything. Heart 
FoxPirate Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018  Professional Artist
Thanksfave by FoxPirate   And thank you for creating something beautiful for the challenge! <3
Rakurri Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing gallery :D Love the colours!
lauralicia Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
your artworks are just so amazing
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