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[Rokudai] - Saffron Fong Concepts

Concept art of Saffron Fong for my fiction project 'What We Learned at Rokudai.'
Designs by me, artwork drawn by SqueakyE on commission.
Tumblr upload here.

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Saffron Fong

An introduction to this project can be found here.
The project's full art gallery can be viewed here. The story (in its current, 'fanfiction' first draft) starts on DeviantAart here, and can be read on here. All art and fiction updates for the project can be followed on its Facebook page.
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I like that Saffron looks so much like Meng still. I like that you gave her braces, since it kind of suits her and she does have pretty large gap between her teeth in canon. I like the use of purple and pink like her canon outfit and that you gave her kind of practical everyday wear and then slightly fancier summer dress type of wear. Her hats are really cute and suit her style and her hair is just as wild and unmanagable as canon, you just adjusted it slightly to be more realistic.

I really love that you used the fact that Toph and Meng have same voice actress and made them cousins in your story. Juniper could use such an optimistic friend that Saffron would surely be. Does Saffron have the same/similar issues with her selfimage as Meng, who was more than a bit jealous that Katara was prettier and Aang only noticed Katara, not her. Meng sounded so fustrated in canon, because boys didn't really notice her since she was rather plain. I really don't have a clue about if you have dealt with this thing in your story, since I haven't read it and I'm basing my impressions on these character sheets and your comments on them, plus the few art works related to the story I have seen else where on DeviantArt.
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Yes, Saffron deals with some image issues, especially since she is of mixed race and the family she's from kind of frowns on that, especially since her father abandoned the family. So she's kind of looked at as a black sheep and that causes some bitterness which she works through for the sake of her cousin, who ends up needing some help and support due to selfish decisions partway through the story. Saffron became a very well-liked character in SRU!Meng from someone who didn't get much attention in canon. Maya/SRU!Mai even more so. Both girls will get a bit more focus in Rokudai and some more development, even though their primary roles are as supporting cast members.
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I like that you are incorporating the image issues and that you actually figured out even more unique cause for them rather than just being plain Jane jealous of the attention prettier girls get. I also think that the whole mixed race thing causing issues with her family makes some sense, since that's often how families who are more conservative feel about such things. I like that Saffron wants to help Juniper despite the bitterness, since that can be the case in real life as well, especially if Juniper herself hasn't been giving Saffron issues due to her heritage.
I like the fact that you are going to make the supporting characters become slightly more important since people liked them and the fact that you also seem to enjoy these versions helps with that, since just making them important for the sake of popularity would probably fail.