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(Rokudai) Corane

I'll be your Isaac; I'll even help you bring down the knife

A sketch by Ticcy who was gracious and offered to do an extra piece for What We Learned at  Rokudai
(I hope to commission her again in the future!).
I requested to see Coral Kesuk (left) and Jane Fitzpatrick (right) depicted being affectionate toward one another.
This marks the first time the two have been visually portrayed in a romantic context, because in the revised story, they will become an endgame, canon couple, and I intend to develop their relationship in new ways that didn't happen in SRU.

You can start reading the draft of this revisioned story here:…
The full art gallery for this project can be found here:…

(Rokudai) - Jane Fitzpatrick Reference Set by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Jane Expressions (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Jane Fitzpatrick Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher
(Rokudai) - Coral Kesuk Reference Set by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Coral Kesuk Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Coral Expressions (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher
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I thought that was Korra at first?
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The original version of the character was SRU!Korra, but this is Coral, her revised version into her own separate character.
The fact that you thought she was Korra at first is indicative of the fact that Korra inspired the character to begin with.
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She is AWESOME! Just as awesome as Korra if not more so. I love her already. :)
Well the only thing i can say is Jane to have been affected by the thing called "Watertribe popularity" of the first season with the Kesuk's as a whole (Ironically who are all based of Watertribe members from the shows LOL). 
For those who never saw it or don't know what i mean...…
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Haha, yup. At some point toward the end, SRU!June actually teases Jane, saying something like she has an "eskimo fetish" or something to that degree. It's the Watertribe phenomenon I was thinking about with that.
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Thanks. Ticcy did a great job bringing my characters to life!
The entire time I was reading SRU after SRU!Korra's introduction, I suspected that you planned a romance arc between her and Jane at some point in either the remainder of SRU or the Rokudai revision.
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Around the point of the story when SRU!Korra and Jane's tale got into the Combustion Man stuff, I had intended for them to end up having a fling because of all of the tension and physicality involved in that stuff -- they ended up having said fling a little later on than I'd originally planned, and I downplayed it a bit but it's clear enough that they at least had sex and had some kind of deeper feeligns for each other. But since Borra and Smellershot were the original planned pairings, and I'd done so much setup over them, it felt like I'd be going back on my own plans if I'd let them be together. the end it seemed so obvious that they were into each other, I felt bad that I'd torn them up and never really let them be a true couple.

Basically, SRU took on a life of its own apart from Avatar and by the end, it suffered growing pains as a result, with this missed opportunity being one of the bigger problems. Next time around will be more deliberate and I'll be starting to hint at something between them from the first time they hang out, making it kind of a situation where's Jane's crush on Katrina ends up leaking over to her cousin, and they will become the official couple they wanted to be the first time around.

It'll also be a good way of further developing both of their characters, since previously their arcs relied on canon-based Avatar characters that  won't exist in Rokudai.

Basically, even though Rokudai is a re-telling of SRU, I still have a new ship to be excited about writing in earnest, and that's pretty cool. I let Avatar canon keep them apart when I should've let SRU be its own separate thing. But that's what the revision will be there to do.
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Cute picture!
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Glad you liked it! I know I sure do. The artist did a wonderful job on it.
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