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Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! There is more to this fic, a link should be available above if you have trouble finding it.

Thanks for your thoughts. There are probably some typos but what you specifically mentioned is actually not a typo. It's intentional. In Avatar, they use words like 'bending' or 'waterbending' or 'benders,' but in this world, I denote special traits with the capital letters and the word 'Focused.' Essentially, 'Focusing' in this world is like bending or using a power. Kiwi 'Listens' with a capital 'L' when she is 'Focusing' to hear things, whereas Yatra would only 'listen.' It's supposed to be kind of a vague way to clue readers in to the fact that something isn't normal or average, without being intrusive. These characters aren't using magic or special powers, per se, they're just able to focus all of their energies into a single sense to greatly heighten its abilities, is the idea.

Next chapter you will probably see the reverse -- the 'Focused' version will come first, and the 'ATLA' version will come second. People here on a site like DA will inherently like the "fanfiction" version more but that's why I'm doing this. I can get feedback more easily from a fanfic than an original story, and like with SRU, I can essentially be writing an original story at the same time as putting an AU fanfic out there. The difference is that with SRU this decision was made late into that series' production, and with this, the decision was made at the beginning.

Either way, thanks for leaving some feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Thanks so much for the comments!
Yes, I specifically wanted a story with a darker implication that left enough to the imagination while grounding some issues in reality -- relatives passing from health issues, mental illness, the consequences of violence, etc.

To tell the truth, I actually have only seen maybe 1 season's worth of episodes of PPG along with the movie from across the timeline. When writing this gift fic for a friend, I ended up watching a few extras to help get some inspiration on some of the darker angles the show had to offer.

I've written for a variety of fandoms, but based on your avatar and the super-hero theme of this story, you might enjoy the more optimistic short I wrote, 'Powers,' based on Teen Titans.

Powers (Raven/Starfire one-shot)
A/N: Just a simple, rambly one-shot. Not my best work, and it's been a good 6 or 7 years (or even more) since I've written these characters at all. It's not holiday-themed, but Happy Holidays to you guys, all the same.
"What was up with you out there, Star?"
"Yea, Dude! When I tossed the guy your way, I thought you were gonna...-" Beast Boy pulled back his arm. "-...ya know, zap him. Like 'pow-pow-pow!'" He pumped his fists out, mimicking the motions Starfire would use to hurl her green energy bolts at their foes.
"M-my apologies," Starfire muttered sheepishly, distraught by her mistake being called out. Her head hung in shame as she walked through the main lobby of Titan Tower, eager to head upstairs.
The team was regrouping after a rough bout with some mutant jewelry thieves that were hoping to amplify their powers with a rare gem. It hadn't been an enthusiastic affair, just a by-the-books kind of deal. No one had even spouted any corny one

Beyond that, I've written a lot of fiction based on Avatar: The Last Airbender and various other video game series. More recently, I'm finally taken all I've learned writing fanfiction and starting work on original young adult fiction.

You seem like you might be able to give some insightful feedback on that in particular, so if you're interested, please feel to take a look and let me know what you think.

In particular, this following phrase of yours is what is driving me to look into publishing fiction.
"It's a story I'll keep thinking about long after I've finished reading the final paragraph."

Rokudai Sample 1
A/N: This two-scene excerpt is a work-in-progress sample of two flashback scenes for my fiction project, 'What We Learned at Rokudai.' This does not showcase how the body of work would open up or begin, and the scenes are not final, but serve as a proof of concept to portray the tone of writing style and the vibes of some of the main characters from an early point in the chronology.
What We Learned at Rokudai
- August -
"A fresh start," she said, spreading her arms up with enthusiasm as they approached the campus center's entrance. They walked up the shallow set of stone steps leading to the campus center's entrance. "This year's going to be so much better than the last," she insisted with an optimistic glint in her sapphire eyes. She was wearing her colored contact lenses today - the first time in a long while.
Her elder brother, walking beside her, scratched lazily at the stubble on his neck as he opened one of the glass double doo

(What We Learned at Rokudai; modern day slice-of-life/drama)

The Focused -1-
A/N: This is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi fantasy story about a same-sex teen couple; primary inspiration is drawn from Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Last of Us, and Bastion. Please note that the use of capital letters at the start of certain nouns and verbs in this entry is deliberate. This is a sample chapter of an original novel concept, which I've revised from the first chapter of my AtLA fanfiction 'Mud, Sweat, and Tears.' Basically just posting it to give people an idea of my first real crack at the 'revision' process, as I'll be applying it to 'What I Learned at SRU' as well, but this is a more direct example. I actually very well may be taking this concept and working it into its own novel -- we shall see! Going forward, I will be rotating the process: chapter 2 will be written in this original form first, then adapted for its fanfic sister series.
The Focused
Chapter 1 - Quiet

It was a tranquil night. Yatra didn't li

(The Focused; Post-apocalyptic fantasy)

DownRight Fierce -1-
A/N: Since my Kickstarter to create this concept as a graphic novel failed, in order to stay productive and continue trying to write new, original fiction, I've begun work on writing out DownRight Fierce as a prose novel. My hope now is that I may eventually have two versions of the story -- a graphic novel and a prose novel. Or perhaps they may end up getting hybridized in some way. In either case, here's the first chapter.
DownRight Fierce
Act 1 - Chapter 1
The fire always started in her gut, building up, hotter and hotter, until she released it through clenched knuckles. That moment of contact – her fist against their face – never got old. The way her heart was left pounding, her breath ragged – her body would be empty but her spirit would feel full. The stink of sweat, the trickling of her victim's blood down her knuckles, the pitter-patter of red droplets tapping the floor in the still of the aftermath – it fed

(DownRight Fierce; Coming-of-age modern fantasy)

Either way, thanks a lot for your time and consideration with 'Cold' and for leaving insightful feedback.
Thanks a lot. I was definitely wanting to allude to real-life problems that people have to deal with within their families, which is one of the reasons why I chose to be so vague with what, exactly, caused the situation here -- the Professor's illness could theoretically be related to all manner of real-life situations. I wasn't sure if being so blunt with the names of real-life mental conditions with Blossom's research books was going to be too much, but I think it worked, and the character's logical, knowledge-hunting nature made it make sense while also communicating that intentional idea of caring after a mentally abnormal family member.

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the comments.
Thanks a lot for this insightful and detailed comment. =) It looks like the ideas I wanted to come through with this segment succeeded for you.