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so, two years and a whole lot of deviations later,
seems there's 100 alpha's watching (some of) my moves :-)
Can't thank y'all enough for that,
therefor: a deviation dedicated to YOU*

*given that you watch me. if not, feel free so we can get that

//stocks: Vjeran Lisjak,
///idea on the canvas lay-out: wonderboy *beaucoupzero
////Download for details

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post the psd file :P .... nice idea ... ur work awsome
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I wonder : did you use 100 eyeballs? :giggle:
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i was expecting that question much sooner actually :-) ...congratz for being the first!
NO I DID NOT :D, although initially had that intention..but the sum of what's visible at first glance makes somewhat up for it? :p
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thank you thank you !

I would like to thank the other posters, without which, I might have never been the first person to ask this!

but it sure looks good :) not creepy at all, despite all the eyeballs (for some reason, a naked eyeball reminds me of horror)
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horror thanks and greetings from our hometown then :-)!
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Congratulations :clap:
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wohoo! :D
Congratulations sti!
You deserve It!

yehh :aww:
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:-) owe you a lót!
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twat, you've got like..500 :-) :p
but thx!
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hahaha, that's right! so were the héll is the Thank US-deviation? :-)
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Woah!! This is madness! :D Nah, congratulations for the 100! But I believe you deserve like a 500.. Such a talented guy... :hug: CONGRATULATIONS!!

Btw, the desing is awesome. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
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well...reminds me i should be making one for you personal :-) :heart:
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Nah!! No way.... It's your fault that I comment too much on your works..... They're so good I can't help saying it :D
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:-) we'll just see!
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I'm very proud to see that from you........:picknose:

Man I love your 3D styles strongly...cuz you doing it well at all.....

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