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I know youre probably overloaded with requests, but id like to make one if you're up for it.
Im currently working on an EP and i need a decent cover for it.
I make dubstep and glitch hop, so anything futuristic would be nice.
The name for it would be
"Unicell: Torn Together EP"

Thanks in advance.
wOw no cOmmEnts!!! %)
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Thatz just amazing dude!!
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Now This Is Hotttttttt
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This is very good. I'm wondering if you could make an album cover for my music? Right now I only have 2 tracks made. You can hear them at
My band/group name is Cascade Freemont.
We won't be making any profits right now, but if we do and you do make us an album cover, we will most definitely send you royalties.

the album name is Atroxia
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this is awesome .. one of the best covers i've seen .. wonderful 3d effects, colors and composition :wave:
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This is so cool! : D
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nice work!

what program(s) did you use?
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i recon your question mainly flows around the 3d-typography? it's done in Xara 3D, then imported in Photoshop CS (yes i'm a fan of older software versions :-))
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cool cool

none-the-less very well done
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thanksss merin :-)
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:o :clap: Woa! That's great! I just love your works. The letters are fantastic, the flow, and the little touches of color definitely give light to the whole. But my favourite part is the way the music instruments and microphones seem to desintegrate in pieces ...
I can't choose between two masterpieces :love:
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very nice bro.....
i like your works bro...
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