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Anno 08 Poster predesign

so, this is the pre-design for our city's biggest new year's eve party; organised by our Youth House :-) yeah!
Last year was a big shot, so we aim to do at least as well this edition.
Design so far; needs some adjustments

it's quite hard fitting in all dj's (most streams/genres feature through collaborations with labels), as there are so many spread over three rooms; but i did not want to 'line them up' like a list kind of figure. Said so and (not) doing so, it turned out a real pain in the ass :-)


***full view***

(note: this is the dA-submission pre-version, practical details are left out)

-edit: replaced poster-predesign by definite version, which is the same for poster & flyer -except for 'gold edition' -, still minus practical details. poster's way (big ass) bigger of course :-)
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Hi, I've featured your print here [link]
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Great poster art :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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i just wonder how u didn't get DD for it
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tons of reasons probably; quality being a major issue :-) Thanks for the appreciation though!
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hey man I featured your work here [link] it's not much but I hope you get something out of it.. love what you do! :D :horns:
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I want to see this 09 design
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Next week maybe! :-)
I think we're all waiting to see your 09 new years flyer.. Keep us updated!

You have great work
wow thank you so much. I downloaded the Xara 3D and I'm going to start playing with it. It will take some time to get as good as you!!

When can I see your 09 poster? I'm excited to see it. Do you have Yahoo or Sykpe?

my email is
How much would it cost for you to do this over again? I would pay just to have it because I feel I can learn a lot from this.
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unfortunately, i don't have the time to do commissions over again; as i'm creating the poster for the next edition as we speak. It's very generous of you; but there's tons of free tutorials on achieving a result like this. By most, you'll learn by doing it yourself. Experiment with Xara 3D and Photoshop (or such) and you'll be on your way before you've got the chance to even read a book about it! If somehthings not working out along that way; you can always ask, no problem.
Could you share the PSD for education?

I am a learning Artist
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i don't have it anymore; but if you're having certain questions, feel free to shoot them by note or email!
That sucks!!

I was hoping to see the layers and magic
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i like it!!! ^_^ good job
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looks really cool!
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spanks a bunch chap!
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thanks for your appreciation
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very nice, love the composition
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