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Please, please take the time to read this. I promise it’s more relevant to you than my ramblings might make it sound at first.

In light of the undeniable tension the recent AE poll created between our fandoms, I think it’s time we put aside any differences we may have and work together for an important fandom-related cause.

We need to join forces!

Why? Because there’s one thing that I’m sure most of us agree on: the importance of slash shipping in the media. It’s becoming more and more of a recognized subject among TV-based publications. Unfortunately, however, most who write about it are simply cashing in on its sudden popularity and don’t actually understand it, resulting in it being portrayed in a poor light.

For me, and I’m sure for many others as well, slash shipping becoming widely acknowledged is crucial because it has the potential to shape our heteronormative society into one more accepting. The more our world is exposed to homosexual relationships, the more normal-seeming they become — and what better way to do that than to include them in things seen as often as TV shows? While some shows have already done this, the relationships always seem to be accompanied by one of two scenarios: a) they exist on a show initially centered around LGB rights, setting them apart from the norm by placing them in their own category; or b) the fact that they’re queer is given far too much attention, as if it needs to be made a fuss over, and sometimes entire plotlines are dedicated to it (the Gay Crisis trope, for instance). What would be huge in terms of our society’s progress is if we saw a homosexual relationship become undeniably canon on a popular show, one in which the relationship wouldn’t drastically impact the storyline or have any reason to be heavily focused on; it would instead be portrayed as utterly normal. A couple examples would be Supernatural with Destiel and Teen Wolf with Sterek. In both shows, grounds for the relationships are already more than evident. On top of that, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski don’t fit typical gay stereotypes, which would aid homosexuality further in becoming more commonplace.

While we all indulge in personal enjoyment from our beloved ships, I feel that utilizing them to gain homosexuality more media acceptance is the largest and most important purpose of slash shipping. So, understandably, it frustrates me when I see various reporters jumping on the bandwagon and then portraying it negatively. They either don’t take it seriously and write it off as fan fantasy — the opposite of what we want people to think about homosexual relationships in the media — or they do take it seriously and accuse us of being twisted perverts. (That’s thanks to the common assumption that shipping revolves purely around sexual deviances.) Or, in terms of shows like Supernatural, they choose to focus on incestuous relationships like Wincest (Sam/Dean), gaining shippers an even worse reputation since incest is a taboo considered by most people to be disgusting. This is something that will continue to happen unless we speak up and do something about it.

Now that my intro’s over, information important to both Destiel and Sterek shippers is below the break.

ETA: If you ship Wincest, please be aware before deciding to read that I don’t support nor encourage it, and that I’m not going to be talking about it in a particularly positive way. I’m also not, however, attempting to bash it or those who ship it, and I’m sincerely sorry to the people who have felt this article was attacking them.

Recently, two articles have been posted on by a reporter named Sadie Gennis. She’s a fellow Supernatural fan, and the blog of hers found by some of my friends has proven that she’s also an avid Wincest shipper. This, right away, screams ‘biased.’ Both articles are a validation of this, the first actually being entitled “Is Wincest Dead?” The title implies that Wincest is or ever was canon, which obviously isn’t the case. Apart from shows like HBO’s Game of Thrones, which is mostly exclusive to the eyes of those who paid extra to see it, incestuous relationships on TV shows are things that simply do not happen. It’s far too sensitive of a subject, one that would be met with a negative outcry large enough to crush any positivity from the fandom. It’s something most writers, especially those of a fairly successful show, would likely never risk, and Supernatural’s writers are among them. The fact that they’ve used the show several times to openly poke fun at Wincest (something they’ve never done with Destiel) is proof enough that they consider it ridiculous and as having no basis for canonicity. While shipping what you want to ship is perfectly fine, almost all incestuous relationships are nothing more than fanon, and it’s unrealistic to believe any different. Incest DOES NOT equal homosexuality. A male/male relationship between two brothers IS NOT the same as a male/male relationship between two unrelated men, and wouldn’t have any chance of being accepted by our society the way the latter would.

Throughout the article, Gennis speaks of Sam and Dean’s relationship as if it’s common knowledge that there’s romance between them, and that they’re just going through a rough patch like an old married couple having a petty fight. She also completely excludes Castiel’s existence, except for the brief moment in which she describes his and Dean’s “bromance” as “trailing behind Wincest by only a hair” — again, acting as if Wincest is even canon to begin with, let alone possesses greater potential than Destiel. This is what she ends the article with:

   “I can only hope that Carver shares this same philosophy, because while viewers might tune in for the gory mythology, we stay for the brotherly love. So get well soon, Wincest! We miss you already. (Oh, and while we’re making suggestions: Cut your hair, Sammy. No one likes a moose with a Farrah flip.)”

Not only does she invite herself to speak for the entire fandom in general terms, but she implies blatantly that Wincest exists, which it doesn’t. (“Get well soon, Wincest! We miss you already.”) If people who are considering watching the show found this article, which basically flashes ‘HERE THERE BE INCEST’ in neon letters, do you think they would change their minds? I sure would. There’s a reason the writers make fun of Wincest in-show: they’re aware of the belief in Sam and Dean having a romantic relationship, and it’s important that they discredit that belief to maintain viewership. Portraying Supernatural to those who haven’t seen it as a show that shamelessly promotes incest is the equivalent of putting on a steel-toed boot and kicking them in the opposite direction. For someone who claims to be a fan of Supernatural, let alone an adult reporter who should be much more professional and unbiased, writing this article was incredibly careless of her. This is not the light we want our favorite show to be seen in, and it’s certainly not how reporters should behave in general.

Less than two weeks ago, Gennis wrote another article entitled “The Pros and Cons of ‘Shipping.” This, Sterek fans, is where you come in. In general, the article is decent and doesn’t make shipping out to be the product of crazy, perverted fangirls’ minds. However, toward the end, she couldn’t help but once again speak as if Wincest is an established and acknowledged romance in the show:

   “Supernatural is one of the most meta shows to ever hit the small screen, but they outdid themselves when the Winchesters came face-to-face with their most disturbing acquaintance yet: a Sam and Dean slash-fiction writer. But fans of the unorthodox couple have been getting validation for the pairing long before showrunners wrote a Wincest writer into canon. Since the first season, Supernatural has included cheeky nods towards the brother’s oddly intimate relationship, allowing supporters of Sam and Dean to feel they’re in on a special joke that other viewers don’t quite understand.”

Well, she’s right about one thing: it’s a joke.

In the paragraph directly below it, she again acts as an all-knowing god of a show’s relationships, the victim this time being Teen Wolf:

   “While most Wincest fans are content with the fantasy “what if?” world of fan-fiction, not all slash fans are so easily appeased. Supporters of Teen Wolf’s Stiles and Derek have started requesting the relationship to go canon. Though the showrunners and actors play up the fictional romance, even filming the two actors cuddling for a promo, when it comes to down to it, Stiles and Derek are never going to happen.”

I stopped keeping up with Teen Wolf prior to the Sterek phenomenon, so I don’t have much of an opinion, but the fact that its cast and crew openly acknowledge and encourage the relationship is proof that it has the potential to become canon. Stubbornly insisting that, nope, it’s never going to happen simply because she disagrees with it is, again, biased, and is something she’s in no position to decide. Oh, and guess which pairing she completely excludes from the article, despite the fact that it’s so popular that it came second place to Sterek in the AE poll? Destiel. Considering she’s a Wincest fan, all that says to me is ‘butthurt’, making her even more immature and unprofessional than she seemed before.

She’s offended both Destiel and Sterek shippers, even outright targeting and discrediting Sterek, meaning this concerns all of us. This is the type of thing that gives both shippers and the shows they draw their ships from bad reputations, and that’s not what we want for ourselves or for Supernatural or Teen Wolf. The inappropriateness of this girl’s behavior as a reporter needs to be brought to attention so, with any luck, she won’t be allowed to continue. If we team up and put effort towards it, we could succeed, and also spread the message to other reporters that shipping is something they should be more careful with when writing about. That’s why I’m asking all Destiel and Sterek shippers who agree with me to please help.

THIS IS NOT A HATE-BASED CAMPAIGN. Do not post hateful comments in reply to the articles, do not attempt to contact Sadie Gennis with cruel messages (though contacting her politely and maturely is encouraged), and do not otherwise be hateful in regards to her or her articles.

This is what you can do to help:

   Politely comment on the articles, discussing things like how she shouldn’t speak for the entire fandom, or that she shouldn’t validate relationships that the show itself hasn’t.
   Write to TV Guide about your opinions on her articles and why they should consider addressing her behavior as inappropriate.
   Write to Supernatural’s or Teen Wolf’s writers (contact information here) informing them about the articles so they’ll be encouraged to speak up about the issue if they feel it’s necessary.
   Spread the word to other Destiel and Sterek shippers. (The first step would be reblogging this!)

If you’re interested in helping, please send me a message letting me know, and send me any comments or letters for review before posting or sending them. It’s very important to me that this campaign is kept hate-free.

Furthermore, below are some websites and Twitters I’ve been told are the source of a lot of Supernatural hate (primarily Misha/Castiel/Destiel hate, except for ‘destieliseverything’ and ‘jarpadmustgo’), so I encourage people to avoid them:

Thank you so much in advance to all who are willing to participate and keep hate out of our fandoms!

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