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I know, I know, I am too lazy. :P
It's time to submit my new works. :)
Here's a cover of a new italian boardgame that I'm drawing.

The boardgame's name is Constantinopolis

Game Designer: Giancarlo Fioretti
Illustration e Graphic Design: Antonio Dessi';

Coming soon...

Thanks to :iconlorn6: for the ship's references :)

Constantinopolis(c)2010 Homo Ludens. All rights reserved


Lo so, lo so sono veramente pigro :P
E' tempo di caricare qualche nuova immagine :)

Ecco una delle cover per un nuovo gioco da tavolo tutto italiano che sto illustrando e di cui curo la grafica.

Il nome del gioco è Constantinopolis

Publisher: Homo Ludens
Game Designer: Giancarlo Fioretti
Illustrazioni e Graphic Design: Antonio Dessi';

Grazie a :iconlorn6: per le immagini di riferimento delle navi.
Sono state veramente utili :)

Constantinopolis(c)2010 Homo Ludens. Tutti i diritti sono riservati.
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© 2009 - 2021 Dessin75
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Ah beautiful nova Roma. Wonder and excellent artwork, keep on the great job.
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brilliant work..

ps: just to iform you the mosque ortaköy on the rightside. was build in 1700 1800

so it wasnt there back in 1400 1300

its more of a 1700 arcitechture ;)

how do i know. i live there :P

but again very nice work!
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I thank you for your compliments and I confess that I really appreciate your attention to details. :)

You are right, the building was built at a later period than the game is.

Unfortunately I have not found quite faithful reconstructions of the beautiful city of Constantinople and production times have forced me to choose a building near the sea that was very characteristic. :P

If you have some website reference where I can find any photo of Istanbul please don't hesitate to send me ;)
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will do . and try to find ancient greek and roman architechture buidlings. in 1300 and 1200 there was a huge wall surrounding the seaside of the city. which means there ll be roman ports and watch towers. (roman style and greek domes)
;) accualy our mosques.. i mean islamic architechture mostly the domes of the mosques and the colours are takem from roman styles as well. before the barok and gothic i mean. ill send you some
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The lighting angles and highlight vs. Shadows in this is stunning.
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you're welcome ^.^
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ma che bella! *_* mi piace tantissimo l'effetto dell'acqua!
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Grazie, ^_^
Tra l'altro non sarà la definitiva, per la cover della scatola ne hanno scelto un'altra :P
Questa comunque sarà ripresa nel retro scatola e sulle plancie giocatore. :D
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Absolutely beautiful...
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Felice di aver aiutato.(Heureux d'avoir pu vous aider.)
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bellissima :)

ha un non so che di Alghero :)
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Eheh, Alghero ma con le Dromon Bizantine :D
In effetti Alghero è veramente bellissima (mi manca il mare della Sardegna!!!!! :P )
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