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Andy Reference Sheet

By dessieh
I shoul be finishing other drawings, but I am SO excited about having Andy that I needed to readraw her reference sheet (she now looks more like a cat!!) and make minor changes to her design (less dark pink spots in her body and some more in her ear!).
LOOK AT MY BABY, SHE IS NOW OFFICIAL, look how beautiful she is :,)

I would never got her if :icondragonap: and :iconcalliopius: have not helped me! Thank you very much, you two are the best, omg!!!!!! <3
(and I'm almost finishing Shrike's drawing and I already doodled Deyan's. I hope you guys like them, you deserve the best <3333)

I'm so happy to have her!! *excited pterodactyl screech* (that is in fact the sound I'm doing right now because I'm SO happy and excited!!! LOOK AT MY BABY!!!)

Mothcats are a closed species owned by doroling 
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Oh gosh what a cutie ;;;v;;;;!!!!! I LOVE her colours such a pretty BBE! I love her lil kitty mouth <3
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Thank you!! <33
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She looks adorable! You are sooo welcome once again, I really can't wait to see all of the adventures Andy will have in the group!

Ah, let me just say her eyes are so pretty! That's a lovely color~
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Thank you <333 I'm so excited to drawn and write about my Andy with everyone!!
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omg she's so cute! congrats on keeping her, I'm so glad we both got to keep our event MYOs. Andy is so sweet, I love her!
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Thank you!! <33333 I'm really glad you got to keep your Lady Gray too! I really loved her personality and design, I'm excited to see what you will do next with her!!
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obrigada ^_^ estou muita animada!

(I'm trying to start back with my Portuguese studies... I should get back to practicing!)
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Oh, that's cool! I'm prob biased, but Portuguese is my fav language, I think it's pretty beautiful. If you need any help with Portuguese, feel free to ask me, I would love to help :)
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I loooove heeeer I'm so excited for her and Tib's continued adventures!

Gosh I can't get over how lovely her colors are -- especially the dark purpley-pink accents. <3
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I'm going to drawn SO MUCH Tib and Andy in their adventures <333
Thank you!! I just chose my two favorites colors (pink and purple!) and tried to make them look good togheter, haha
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Yesss I'm so excited!

(And pink and purple are QUALITY COLORS. Especially purple. Purple is SUCH a good color.)
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