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Character: Rarity
Series: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Photo taken by Anna Fischer at Otakon 2012

Fluttershy and Rarity are my two favorite ponies. Seriously, if you were to put them in a blender you would pretty much get me!

My Rarity costume came to be, after I found a bunch of purple and white fabric in my scrap bin, so I decided to create a design inspired by Rarity's color scheme and personality.

I have to say, it was really fun coming up with the design and this is my first original design cosplay! I decided to make a corset with a faux double breasted panel paired with a bustled pencil skirt. My goal was to create something inspired by Rarity without being too literal. You can't tell from this particular photo, but my skirt has a purple three tiered ruffled bustle, which I thought would be a cute nod to Rarity's ponytail.

The fascinator is one of my favorite parts about this costume. Luckily, I already had two white ostrich feathers that I was able to use. How perfect for Rarity! The rim of the hat is embellished with rhinestones, along with other portions of my costume (the collar and cuffs of the arm sleeves).

The wig was created with a lot of hairspray and patience. I used foam rollers as a form to create two structured Rarity-esque curls by my face, and then sprayed away. I would like to figure out a more effective way to keep the curls in place. By the end of the day, my wig had seen better days...

Due to the overall vibe of my costume and the fact I'm already wearing a hat, I opted out of wearing a horn. I really wanted a regal look and I was more concerned with conveying Rarity's tastes and character, rather than doing a direct translation from the show.
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first human Rari cosplay without horn on forehead Clap 
how did you make the bustle?
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wow! This outfit is amazing, looks so beautiful on you :)
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Now that's some great cosplay! Quite different from how I usually see Rarity portrayed, but that's just why I love it; the outfit's elegant, unique, fashionable, and a real head-turner, exactly the kind of thing I think Rarity would wear. Awesome!

(Also, EqD just picked this up, just in case you're wondering where the views are coming from...)
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I love the style of this cosplay! Very chic :)
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Absolutely stunning! One of my favorite Rarity cosplays.
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Wow! I like it alot :) I watched only a few episodes of the series, but I think you've catched her essence! If you write on Google Rarity Cosplay, you first catch Yaya, and not this. But personally I like yours a lot more, it's more elegant :) Anf you're beautiful!
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If the wig is synthetic couldn't you use heat to set the curl?

Kind of like how the figure customizers do it when they set the pony hair.
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Wowi, this looks marvellous. I really love the hat, it's SO Rarity!
I like how you captured Rarity's elegance and beauty. Most people reduce Rarity on bitchiness and shallowness and cosplay Rarity rather naked and ... too negligent.
But this is a costume I could really imagine for Rarity.
The wig is also perfect for Rarity. Great job!
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Thank you so much! I agree that Rarity definitely needs more love. I relate quite a bit to her devotion to doing her projects well, which is one of the reasons she is one of my favorite ponies. She is more than just a fashionista with a love for sparkly things. She is a very passionate and devoted character. I wish more people were able to appreciate that about her :/
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I'm not usually into cosplay, but you did a great job capturing Rarity's character with that costume! Well done!
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