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Hello! Would you like to affiliate? :icongijinkacafe:
Is the contest still going on?
There aren't any contests, just monthly prompts. Due to lack of activity, the new prompts have not been updated recently. If you wish to do a design for any of the categories you are free to do so. Prompts will be updated again in August.
Happy New Year! Here I am to poke at this months prompt again. 8D
Hello hello there again. Will there be a new topic for this month, or will it be another free for all?
The New Topic is Ice Cream! Thanks for being so patient, and so active in Desserts Oh My! Happy Designing!
Hello! Just dropping by to say that I apologize for not submitting anything yet. My scanner threw a hissy fit so I have been unable to post art for a while now. So yeah. However, I still love this group and am always eager to see each month's new prompt!