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At a red light anywhere in town

You can stand all night at a red light anywhere in town
Hailing maries left and right but none of them slow down
I've seen the best of men go past, I don't wanna be the last
Gimme something fast

Sisters of Mercy - Something Fast

Got inspired by the World of Darkness - Vampire the Masquerade... In especial by the Bloodlines pc game that was made in 2004. Tried to bring the atmosphere here.
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a very wicked piece, especially fond of the tiny touches to her garment and the grotesque off the building. Or is that a gargoyle? Gargoyles are gutters and grotesques are used to ward off spirits, bleh. I always mix those two up. From a fellow Vamp the Masquerade player to another. this is a world i would like to live in. thank you for sharing this piece with the Æther