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gmb - Arkanoid 9ecb1



Download: [link]

A new version for the gmb layout Arkanoid.

Changed panel height for the top right main menu
Main search and mein menu are now on different panels
FLock works now with a filter pane
Change some button sizes

GTK2 theme is

with the icon theme
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I didn't you were the developer of gmb!

If yes, very nice work!

So can I ask you one question about drawing the icon for gmb? I'm thinking that it will be difficult draw an icon with a camel with headphones.. the problem isn't the icon itself, but drawing an icon that respects my icontheme specifications (such as the usage of a monochrome style, or the aim to be as clean as possible). So what do you mind if I draw only the profile of a camel?

PS: I went to the link provided, but I had two problems:

1) Immediately, it pops out a window that says (it's just a bare translation from italian):
"You are going to authenticate on the site "" with username "aboettger", but the site doesn't require authentication. It may be an attempted fraud.

"" is the site that you want to visit?"

2) If I say "yes" to the previous question, Github says me that the page is not existant..!!