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Sad memories

Oh my god, the pic is online since 1d 1h and ever I see this, it makes me so depressing.

by :iconidie:
by :icongracies-stock: :icongracies:
by :icondarkmaiden-stock: :icondarkmaidenofsorrow:
by :iconcanuckgurl22-stock: :iconcanuckgurl22:
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That is really powerful.
HiTech-Hillbilly's avatar
I really like this image, but some thing seems kinda off. I am not sure what it is and most likely it is me. You did a great job putting it together.
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JanMurphyPhoto's avatar
Intensely deep work, congratulations on this amazing piece.
VeritasEquitas's avatar
It's a beautiful pic...
CloudSetToKill's avatar
wonderful.. i love this pic so much!
desprosal's avatar
I love it also. I see it I always like to to make it work for me.
Julie-JG's avatar
Wow.... this is so good!
theOrzel's avatar
nice composition. quite creepy
desprosal's avatar
Thanks, that's one of my favorites. :)
laurinhaaa's avatar
this is amazing, and extremely sentimental. i love it :)
Capsloco's avatar
That's a nice job you did there. ^^
I love the overall atmosphere of the picture, it really gives me the chills.

Das ist echt gute Arbeit die du da gemacht hast. ^^
Ich liebe die Atmosphäre des Bildes, gibt mir echt Gänsehaut.
desprosal's avatar
Capsloco's avatar
Gern geschehen. ^^
Chockolate's avatar
Wow it really is something o-o I like it. but wow, sad.
othertalk's avatar
Brings to mind thoughts of a person from a sad childhood looking back on what was in the past, very good work - excellent composition.
desprosal's avatar
Just that I wanted. Thank you.
happyandrada's avatar
I meant if have you edited this picture ..........Sorry I don't speak english very good .
desprosal's avatar
Yes, this is a photo manipulation, the sources are listed in the comment. :)
happyandrada's avatar
wow . i like very much this picture . did you edit it ?
desprosal's avatar
Sorry, I don't understand, what you mean.
TattooedDoll's avatar
This is beautiful. Very haunting.
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