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Peter Parker and Mary Jane date

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I'm speechless, this is beyond amazing work here :D
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aw...their date Love 
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Wow great detail
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Ah yes, as it should be. The real Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Great work.
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"OF COURSE!" - M. Bison (Raul Julia)
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Joe Quesada doesn't approve, but I do.
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Yeah! Screw you, Joe Quesada!
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I approve the relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.
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awesome! I love this one!
boy I gotta say u sure are epic with your art. please join marvel already im beggin u.
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HA! I tried years ago. They saw my portfolio, offered me work....never heard back from them.
I just do these to keep people like you happy.
Thanks for liking the work!
well that is there loss then because if I was CEO I would hire u in a minute. seriously!!!

Hey have u met stan lee?

if u have did u show him your art?
because there is no doubt he would love them.
A very sexy and romantic image of my favorite Marvel couple. Love your work.
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You do not disappoint. I'm sharing this on Tumblr, particularly for the Mary Jane I roleplay with.
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I knew you would like this ,mate!
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Your Flash Gordon stuff was excellent too! But anything glorifying everyone's favorite redhead is golden when it's from you. You capture that essence of vintage MJ that Ditko and Romita did back in the day, and modernize it ever so slightly. I love it, and I'll just be keeping my eyes peeled for more Mary Jane from you in the future. Also, your few Gwen Stacy drawings aren't bad either.
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