Fool Me Once

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Fool me once
I'll cut you twice.
Hurt me and
I'll kill you thrice.
If you can't be nice
Then away you should turn.
Little boys who play with fire
Get their fingers burned.
© 2015 - 2021 DespicableMe1
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i like this this sums up a lot for me and is really cool for a short poem keep up the good work mate

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Well, this makes no bones about what it’s trying to communicate. :o


This takes on the tone of somebody’s who’s been jilted or abused in some way, but rather than completely lose the plot and perhaps get in trouble for it, they’re perfectly content to write these words of warning, a toxic reminder that “Hell hath no fury.” Each line burns with a passionate rage, and its brevity is its strength as we’re left to wonder just what you are capable of as a person.


Needless to say, this is one good piece of work. There was a strong rhythm in there while I read it, and it expresses so much without needing to go into detail. Could imagine a sequel to something like this, but in the meantime, keep it up! :clap:

*The feeling when your comment's longer than the poem itself...* ^^;

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Thank You so much! And for the record, I love long comments. XD
Honestly, I feel bad sometimes for not worrying longer works but hey, as long as people enjoy them.
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Hey, anything to get on your good side, especially after those fightin' words. :lol:

Seriously though, it deserved the praise. You're very welcome and all the best now! :wave:
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I am crying cause it so beautiful.....
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I'm glad you liked it
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Sometimes it works that way.  Sometimes they walk away unscathed and watch you burn in their fire.

SheDares sent me here. :heart:
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Indeed they do

I'm glad she did :)
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Someone not to be messed with. I am all in favour of people getting what they deserve.
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Indeed. Karma certainly exists for a reason.
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Ooohhhhh I like this
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you're welcome 
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Nice! That's pretty intimidating.
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