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The Office- Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam from "The Office." Right after he proposed to her! :date: Cutest Jam moment ever.

I found the picture on Netflix, when I hit Print Screen, so I really don't have a link for the picture reference. But it's from the first episode of season five, "Weight Loss."
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It was one of the best moments in "The Office" and you captured it perfectly. Well done!
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Wow! :wow: That drawing is amazing! Pure pencil perfection! I love it so much! :love:
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omygodyes!!!! I love that episode!!! beautiful!!! ahhhh!!!
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This. Is. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. <3 <3 <3 :D
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Beautiful!!!!!! AUGH I love it!
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Wow, this is adorable! Great job!
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They are defiantly the best couple on TV. Great job!!!
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They are the most amazing couple I've seen on television... amazing drawing... makes me wanna jump and say "weeeeeeeee!" :)
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they are by far the best couple of all time. They have such chemistry, you would think they were married in real life.
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Hahaha. Thank you so much!
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godammit they're cute
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aren't you just obsessed with them? and he is just so freaking attractive, like how is that possible for someone to be so so so good looking, like its painful really.
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Oh, yes, I know. Jim was pretty much the reason I started watching the show in the first place. I love how they're still able to come up with cute Jam moments, even after seven seasons.
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Ohyou have no idea how happy you just made me by commenting that!! But yes I completely agree, though I would have to say that I kinda miss when Jim and Pam weren't together so that I could see the two of them be all shy cute sexual tensiony stuff! I loved them in the second season!
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Aww, you're welcome! I loved them when they weren't together, too, but I think I loved them the most in the fourth or sixth season, when they were all couple-y and cute. I mean, I still love them, but it feels as though the writers have kinda run out of stuff, and so they don't do many Jam scenes anymore.
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I agree! And Pam (I love her do not get me wrong, like seriously she's amazing!) but shes a little boring these days! Its kinda sad, I'm a little overly obsessed with Jim, hes so gosh darn sexy!!
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Oh, yeah, I agree. And she's been missing for a few months for her pregnancy, so there have been no Jim and Pam moments. And it makes me sad. But oh man, Jim's pretty much the only reason I still watch the show; it's not as good anymore.
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This is great :')
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