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Thu Jan 4, 2018, 1:38 PM
  As you may know I was in the process of making a written online story called Wish You Goodnight. But now I am gonna remake that into a comic!! 

    This is because I'm not too great of a writer and I feel that not many people will read it since most people I found didn't really wanna read it soo I'm gonna make it into a comic because I'm much better at art and I feel that more people will like it more (like seriously the previous abandoned comic Unicorn on the Cob, which was an older version of Wish You Goodnight, had a bunch of people that liked it even though it was a few pages and it didn't make any sense at all) 

    But remember I'll start posting pages when all the pages are done (at least the sketches) because I want everything to be planed out as much as possible so there is not as many plot holes or parts that don't make senses which was the problem I had for my previous comic and was the reason why I canceled it.

Soo yea thanks for reading and all the support!

Edit: You can see all the progress I make on the pages on my home page!!

Star Sket by DespairGriffin


Skin by Winyumi (modified by DespairGriffin)
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January 4