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Trick and Treat by DespairGriffin Trick and Treat by DespairGriffin

This is Trick (right) and Treat (left)

Note: The white in the hair and scarf is crappy lighting 


Name: Treat
Nicknames: Bubble Gum

Sex: Female
Sexuality: Strait

Race: Bat pony

Universe: AU (alternate universe totally different from equestrea. The equestrea in this universe is called Symphony and kingdoms aren`t ruled by kings and queens but just another name for a Continent and are “ruled” by unicorns,pegisi, and other species.Tho ponies are still the dominate race, there are other races that live life styles like ponies like changelings,bat ponies,dragons and more! I`m also thinking of making a map of this world)

Born: Star Scape City  in the Starlight Kingdom (a place known for the beautiful stars in the night sky and is the capital city in the Starlight Kingdom)

Lives(currently): In an apartment in Star Scape City

Age(when she got her cutie mark): 10 years old (human years)
Age(currently): 23 (human years)

Hight(currently): Avrage

Offspring of: ???X??? (presumably a unicorn and a bat pony)

Born: Star Scape City in the Starlight Kingdom


-Doubt herself a lot
-depends on other people a lot

Flying skill: average

Occupation(currently): Making candies and accessories that she sells outside her orphanage (tho she is better at making candy than accessories so making accessories are her secondary job) 

Likes: candy,sour food, rainy days,pumpkins, visiting the orphanage 
Dislikes: spicy food, sitting around

Siblings: Trick 

Hobbies: making accessories, messing with Trick, star gassing, sitting on the porch (thats in the apartment)

Cutie mark: Can be seen in two different ways, a bow with a pumpkin in the center or pumpkin candy in a yellow warper
Cutie mark meaning: Her talent for making candy and accessories (or candy accessories)


Name: Trick
Nicknames: Candy Corn

Sex: Male
Sexuality: strait

Race: Unicorn (but has ears and eyes of a bat pony)

Universe: AU

Born: Star Scape City in the Starlight Kingdom

Age(when he got his cm): 9 (human years)
Age(currently): 22 (human year)

Hight(currently): Bit shorter than a average stallion 

Offspring of: ???X???

Lives(currently): Silver Star Town in the Starlight Kingdom

-takes things very seriously/literally
+quite random at times
+loves to share
+relaxed (most of the time)

Magic skill: spells-weak, illusion-strong

Occupation: carving jack-o-lanterns and giving it out in front of his orphanage and doing illusion shows that tells a story

Likes: scaring people,candy, spicy food, fire,pumpkins
Dislikes: walking around,sour food

Siblings: Treat (even tho Trick is younger than Treat, he is pretty much like a big brother rather than a little brother)

Hobbies: Doing illusion shows to entertain kids, sleep,making jack-o-lanterns, playing tricks on Treat,telling stories to kids/Treat

Cutie mark: Jack-o-lantern with a question mark carved in it
Cutie mark meaning: His talent for carving pumpkins and the question mark symbolizes his sort of random person and illusions? (I don`t know if a question mark really means illusions but gonna put that in there anyways)

other Ocs in this story: Echo Rift-…  (Yes he`s a draconequus  but in Symphony, draconequus are like normal ponies. Only a select few can use magic and travel through dimensions and there dna are quite mess up. Will be explained more when I do Echo`s bio)

Backstory/CM backstory(for both Trick and Treat):

Trick and Treat was born in Silver Star Town where they live in a orphanage. They don`t know who there parents are or why they are there but they really don`t care and even if they knew, it wouldn`t change anything.It`s the day before Willow Wisp Night (pretty much Halloween/nightmare night in this au) and Treat was going to get some candy to give out tomorrow tonight. She when to the store to get some candy but was all sold out so she thought “Maybe I could ask around my orphanage for some candy?” so she head back. When she came back, she noticed Echo Rift, another orphan, making homemade lollipops. She then ask him if she can make some lollipops to give out tomorrow or at least help. He allowed Treat to help so she made her first good lollipop tho it took many tries till she got it right. When She finally made the good lollipop that was pumpkin flavor but the stick in the lollipop was to small and doubt that anyone will want to eat it but Echo Rift said to keep going so Treat put the finishing touches on it and warped it in the yellow wrapper but ended up looking sort of like a mint warped in a wrapper but Treat didn`t want to eat her master piece and want to keep it forever so she glued the candy to her hair tie, tied it in her mane and got her cutie mark.

Meanwhile Trick was in his room with pumpkins but he didn`t know what to carve into it so he carved a question mark cuz why not he thought. Treat then rush into his room to show him new cutie mark. He then carved his sister`s cutie mark in another pumpkin. When Willow Wisp Night came, Trick placed all the jack-o-lanterns outside of the orphanage and tried to light all the candles that was in the jack-o-lanterns. Due to his weak ability to use spells, he wasn`t able to light the candles but he quickly resorted to illusion magic that he was learning at his school. He was so motivated to light the candles that the pumpkins literally combusted into flames! Treat, not knowing it was just an illusion, ran for her life and screaming fire. Trick was like “No wait, come back aww.” and got his cutie mark. (lets just say he got his cutie mark because he successfully trick someone that the illusion was real and the pumpkin that went up in flames the most was the question mark pumpkin. This is a terrible reason but okay). From then on Trick makes jack-o-lanterns and is improving his illusion magic. A few years later Treat started to got into creating original and hoof-stitch accessories inspired by the pumpkin candy.

Trick and Treat`s goal in life (currently): 

Treat- Own a successful candy shop that also sell accessories and jack-o-lanterns (on Willow Wisp Night).

Trick-  Be a popular story teller by using illusions to tell the story

Fun facts!:

-Treat was one of my first ocs I made when joining the mlp fandom. Trick was made shortly after
-Halloween is my favorite holiday
- This oc/bio is wip and will be updated often 
-I`m a terrible writer 
-This was my first oc bio and story I have made. I think it`s crappy and it could be better... Is there anything I should change? I`m not sure about how Trick got his cutie mark is any good sooo yea :)

What you do on Willow Wisp Night?:

This holiday in Symphony is celebrated in every kingdom which is the day before spring starts. Ponies and other species dress in costumes to not be seen by bad spirits and also use jack-o-lanterns, glow sticks,and candles to guide the good spirits to their home to stay the night.It`s said that spirits take forms of fire but you don`t see them. The candy is to make people bond with other people. When you get candy during trick or treating, DON`T EAT THEM YET or you will be cursed. Once you are done trick and treating and you`re back home, you place all of your candy near a jack-o-lantern, (or a candle or lantern if you don`t have a jack-o-lantern) and ask the spirits for a warm summer and beautiful spring (or something like that) and leave it there till the next morning (you still can`t eat them yet). Once it`s 1:00 in the morning, you are safe to eat the candy.

After reading that you might wonder why in the picture theres not that much candy near the jack-o-lantern. Well you see they ate the candy sooooo umm there cursed now yay :D

Hey! Wana see what they look like when there older/currently? Then look at this!

-->…  (Its now finished! I also changed the cutie marks so they don`t have shadings and gradients in that pic. I`m just too lazy to change this bio pic and also plz read the description in the pic :P)

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