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[REF]Charoite (Secondary Sona) by DespairGriffin [REF]Charoite (Secondary Sona) by DespairGriffin
Yep I now have a secondary sona xD

This was from a challenge me and my friend red did a few days ago where you draw each other a character thats like them and when she drew me I had to make it my secondary sona xD (heres the original pic )

 Charoite (if you don't know its a type of gemstone)

Nickname: Stella
Species: Winged Cat (but since her wings are too small, she is unable to fly though she likes to flap her wings a lot)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual 

Hight: 2'5 

Soul Cast (powers): She can breath blue fire (same color as the star in the wand) but the side effect is that afterwards is that it leaves a really bitter taste in her mouth

Age: Unknown though she has a voice and appearance as a child

Universe: Vicissitude (means change. This is the same universe that the story Wish You Goodnight: Reach For The Stars! is from. The story is currently working progress)

Goal in life: To find her mother because a long time ago she had lost her. But since Charoite was made via magical alchemy stuff by her mom, she is unable to die by old age and stays young (but is still able to die by like being murdered or diseases). Even though she knows she is kinda immortal, she still wants to find her mom at all cost and so she roams the world in search for her for many centuries but she did not succeed. But in the end, even though she wasn't able to find her mother, she was taken in by someone else and raised as their own (I'm not gonna say who since it spoils the ending of my story that I'm currently writing).

Her magicwand thing: Though during the current time period there are no longer mages since the art of magic has been lost a long time ago (but there are only a few people out there who somehow found and practice the art) Charoite was born during the time where there were mages and learned how to use magic though only to a small extent since she only learned a bit from some elders. She was never really interested in it but carried the wand around since it was like a good luck charm. But after she lost her mom she started to use the magic though it can only shoot small lightning bolts from the star part of the wand (the bolts are blue like the star).

wolfiewolfff Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018
So cute!
redghostcat Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;sohwoiuhbuiwgbigbi this is amazing the thing with the wings is adorable
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