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[OUTDATED] Alter November 2017 Update by DespairGriffin [OUTDATED] Alter November 2017 Update by DespairGriffin
For the most recent design please go to my home page

I was gonna redesign her on new years buuut I just couldn't wait xD

I have a personal tradition about that every time it's new years (or my yt channel anniversary like last time) I would redesign my sona and so I came up with this!

Other versions of Alter:…

Name: Alter Esprit (goes by Alter)
Species: Griffin/Chimera (bird,sheep,bunny,cat but is called a griffin due to her bird and cat traits being dominate)

Gender: She is biologically ambiguous since she is a star (in this universe, stars are chimeras that lie dormant and emit a bright light. So from far away they just look like a ball of light. All Stars do not have genders. Though since she is no longer dormant, she cannot emit light and is seen as a normal chimera) Though she is seen as female because of her feminine voice and looks.

Sexuality: Gay

Hight: 3'5 (yep shes really tiny)

Soul Cast (powers): Can create things on will but since but since she haven't used it in a long time its really weak. All stars have this power. The color of her soul cast is white

Age: Unknown. She is older than the world itself since she created the world 

Universe: Vicissitude (means change. This is the same universe that the story Wish You Goodnight: Reach For The Stars! is from. The story is currently working progress)

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DespairHero Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017  Student Filmographer
Hai despurrrrrr I’m making a 1.5 episode before 2 and I was wondering if I could include Alter (small) in the episode! If you like I could send you a draft of the scene by Gmail buttttttt that’s your choice
DespairGriffin Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry but unfortunately I don't want you using Alter in your story since she already exist in the world of Vicissitude which is the universe of my story I'm writing (the story is Wish You Goodnight) and she plays a big role in one of my characters backstory. I'm sorry ;w;

But maybe you can create a character to take her place if the inclusion of Alter is important ^w^
DespairHero Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017  Student Filmographer
Ok and thank you for such a fast reply!

i don’t mind making another OC in place of Alter after all it is your sona!
Btw I’m so excited for your series.

may the hype begin ^_^
EmeraldKittii Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017
You've altered the design into a masterpiece once again.

I am so sorry
DespairGriffin Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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