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Line drawing with flat color study. Wheeljack came out great in 3D.


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I sure hope Wheeljack (voiced by James Horan from "Transformers Prime") will be able to make an appearance for "Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015" Season 3 this Fall. :happybounce: 
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Love Wheeljack from TFP! :D
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Really cool! Love your work.
I really love your designs for Prime! I have problems with change and normally get *upset* when the character models are changed from series to series; however, Prime has been a real treat! I love how some pay homage to the original while still being an improvement and how others such as Starscream, Megatron, and Soundwave, look different from the original yet are equally and in some ways more awesome! Thank you and all the others so much for allowing me to continue to relive my childhood with novel works instead of just rehashing the same thing. One day I hope to share it with my children.
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Glad you like the work, Thank you.
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I have a question for you: Are you still active on DeviantArt?
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Loved this design in the show, and loved it even more when I got the toy. My mind was blown when I saw how accurate the robot and car forms were with the show. I'm still not sure how it's even possible, but nice work!

Can I ask a questions? Which came first... the toy, or the show designs? Or was it a collaborative process?

Keep up the good work, man.
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There have always been problems in the Transformers universe involving cybertronians who havent chosen a vehicle mode but still seem to have the vehicle kibble on them already, most prominently in Transformers Cybertron and Transformers Prime.
It is understandable in Prime due to the cost and difficultly of creating new three dimension models.
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Yeah I mean how would we have recognized him as Wheeljack without his signature paint scheme? its a formula you just shouldnt break ya know?
correction: three dimensional

They have to create three polygons for the non triple-changer mechs: transformation, normal, and altmode.
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Not bad!

Bye the way, if he returns in a future episode in the series, I think he should have some kills at tinkering to have a slight touch of G1.
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From a cyber geek to the mercyless Badass autobot ever created, cool work on him in this art, totally love it :D
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What the- This Is Awesome!
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thats so cool ^^ he looks like from the actual show
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Cool design! I like how you gave him a retractable faceplate like Prime's. :)
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This is a picture worth of being part of my collection. And there are some comments from some guys who look at this picture...

G1 WHEELJACK: "I can't believe what I'm seeing! I'm an inventor and scientist, not a swordsbot!"

Animated WHEELJACK: "Well, I don't know; it's very interesting. I could learn to handle a sword like that."

PRIME's WHEELJACK: "If you ask me, I look veeeeery good, and I am the best Autobot that there is. Got energon?"

If you excuse, I'm gonna pick up some faves. B-)
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Thank you for allowing your picture to be in the group. :)
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This is how the robots should have looked in the movies! Great job!
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Truly does honour his G1-self.

So..are those scrapes really from being in the Wreckers...or did he leave the oven on in his lab one too many times?
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I absolutely love what you have done with the designs of the robots :heart: Such clean details, and stunning & gorgeous to look at.
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nice he could 've saved Que from Soundwave
I was overjoyed to see Wheeljack in Prime, to bad he's not a scientist anymore.

Not saying that his upped scale in badass is a bad thing, but why not have him be a great scientist too. Perhaps that would make Wheeljack too great. XD
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