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Starscream Development

Early concept of Starscream.


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I'm headcanoning this as what he would look like if he became a Prime.
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i would have love to have seen this version; his badass op version 
Deceptihog001's avatar
Why didn't he look like this!?
BlazeDriver's avatar
Consider the character in the show, who is an incompetent fool, and then look at this design. As cool as it looks, it doesn't fit.
Deceptihog001's avatar
Then they should've changed is personality too! His ugly design, his character and the fact that he murdered Cliffjumper in the first 5 minutes of the entire series got TFP Starscream wearing the title of my #1 most hated Transformers character EVER!
BlazeDriver's avatar
That's kind of the point. You aren't supposed to like him.
Deceptihog001's avatar
Well, he sucseeded...
Sideways77's avatar
I like that one best. He looks like a powerful Air Commander that should be feared. Not the lame, fangirl-pleasing shitpile we got in the actual show.
BlazeDriver's avatar
Consider the character in the show, who is an incompetent fool, and then look at this design. As cool as it looks, it doesn't fit.
YamitheTrixter's avatar
Why didnt u use this instead of the Apex armor thing
Krovennan-Darksabre's avatar
This is pretty sweet looking, while the skinny design fits the battle-shy Starscream, I feel like one oof the previous comments is correct, this would make a brilliant Thundercracker (Maybe an F-18 instead of an F-16 to show off the extra bulk).I like the idea of the Seekers each looking different and having their own characteristics, duplicates always rubbed me the wrong way personally, even if they are cost effective.

If Hasbro ever decides to pull a Unicron trilogy and continue Prime with a new series, I humbly suggest you use this design for the more battle-eager Thundercracker, some more edge characters would be a great break away from the monotony of freaking Bumblebee.
TFGlider's avatar
amazing drawing [link] hope you like it
LimeLimn's avatar
Jesus! Roid-rage Starscream.

I do love the design though.
NicoMBalker's avatar
are all of this transformers desings for hasbro transformers videogame?
LuseyMoth's avatar
Hahahah, it would have been HILARIOUS if they had gone with this design XD

Just because of how ill it suits the character
Meramor's avatar
I can agree with some other people on one thing. Although I do love this design/concept for him here, the sleeker and smaller design suits Starscream much better. He was always meant to be smaller than Megatron XD

And, thinking about it, this would be pretty good for some of the other seekers. Although I do love Thundercracker and Skywarp being duplicates of Starscream, I like some of the Transformer shows (Such Unicron Trilogy Starscream and Thundercracker) where the seeker trine all look similar but all have different characteristics that define them as individuals and not just 'copies' of 'Screamer.

In my own headcannon, I always imagine Thundercracker being the tallest and 'buffest' of the three, with Starscream the smallest but quickest and Skywarp somewhere in the middle. For some reason I think this design you created for Starscream as an early concept fits Thundercracker quite nicely.

But then again, that's just my own opinion on the matter.

Keep up the great work! I'm so jealous....
JacobDobson's avatar
While I do like this design; the final design is more "Starscream" If you know what I mean. I think with a change of head, this could make a rather nice model for a new character such as Jetstorm.
AbigailLarson's avatar
I love this version, Jose! Very menacing.
XxDBZCancucksFanxX's avatar
holy crap lol looks like he could take on megs xD :

:icontfpstarscreamplz::iconsaysplz: Come at bro!

:icontfpmegatronplz::iconsaysplz: Wtf ?!
TechnoWings's avatar
I'm with those who'd really like to see this design used for another seeker. My vote is for Skywarp, but that's mostly just because I really want him to show up, lol.

Pics like this are why I love concept art.
Lozalot's avatar
WHOA! starscream got a major upgrade! He looks like he could take megs on now.
HNewCrossP93's avatar
Yeah, I don't think than Starscream been a seeker, shoud be soo large. He is better in the original design
Mad-Countess's avatar
This version is really nice and he is huge. Although the final version is better, Starscream is more slender and "tiny" making Megatron/Starscream rivality more standing-out and have a better contrast (much like the contrast between Silent Soundwave and ovetalkactive Starscream) . The scene where Starscream got beaten in Darkness Rising, Megatron is so huge compared to Starscream that the scene is totally creepy.
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